Thayar Adhyayana Utsavam At Nagai Perumal Temple: Day-2


28 January 2022, Plava varusha, Thai-15, Friday ;

Thayar Adhyayana utsavam commenced on 27 January 2022, in Sri Soundararaja Perumal temple at Nagapattinam. On Day-2 of utsavam, Sathupadi of Thayar was beautifully performed and purappadu took place in the temple premises. Melodious Nadhaswaram was played which added to the celebration. The musicians came around in pradakshinam of Thayar thrice before purappadu and thayar purappadu took place, by the sripada kainkaryaparas, who served enthusiastically inside the praharam and deepa harathi was performed in front of Kannadi(Mirror) during kannadi Sevai. Then purappadu proceeded with beautiful raja nadai of Thayar like queen.

Photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: Sri Balaji Soundararajan

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