Devotees Of Lord Vishnu – Crossword



Here is a crossword puzzle for children. The list of clues about Devotees Of Lord Vishnu is given below the crossword. Please write your answers in comments section below, along with the time taken to solve the puzzle. Answers for this crossword will be published along with next crossword puzzle.


Clues Below –
1.  This devotee’s father was Asura king who got killed by Narasimhamurthy.
(10 Left to Right H)
2. This devotee wanted to sit on his father’s lap.
(6 Top to Bottom V)
3. This old lady gave sweet fruits to Lord Rama.
(6 Left to Right H)
4. This friend of Krishna gave “Aval’ or “Puffed Rice” or “Poha” to Lord Krishna.
(6 Top to Bottom V)
5. This boatman helped Lord Ram to cross River Ganga.
(4 Left to Right H)
6. This brother of Lanka Asura king helped Lord Ram to fight against Ravana.
(9 Down to up V)
7. This elephant was saved by Lord Vishnu when he was caught by Crocodile.
(8 Left to Right H)
8. This queen was saved by Lord Krishna when she was disrobed.
(8 Left to Right V)
9. This devotee is son of Brahma who has Tambura in his hands and praises Lord Vishnu always.
(6 Right to Left H)
10. This devotee got her female form when Lord Rama touched her stone form.
(6 Top to Bottom V)
11. This devotee bird’s last rites was performed by Lord Rama and was friend of King Dasharatha.
(6 Top to Bottom V)
12. This devotee was able to see the “Vishwaroopa” of Lord Vishnu in the battle field Kurukshetra.
(6 Left to Right H)

Courtesy: Smt Rajalakshmi Srinivasagopalan

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  1. Quiz answers as follows:

    1) Prahalad
    2) Dhruva
    3) Sabari
    4) Sudama
    5) Guha
    6) Vibeshana
    7) Gajendra
    8) Draupadi
    9) Sarang
    10) Ahalya
    11) Jatayu
    12) Arjuna


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