Swami Desikan Vaibhavam


26 November 2021, Plava varusha, Karthikai -10, Friday ;

Once, Swami desikan was sitting in the mound platform in the frontyard of his house in SriRangam, busy writing scripts. At that time, a Vaishnavite and who holds Acharyan status for some sishyas in Srirangam, “Sri Kandhadai Lakshmanacharyar”, was brought in Pallanquin by his sishyas on the road ,where Swami Desikan’s Thirumaligai was situated. Many people came out of their houses and revered him by their salutations. Swami Desikan did not notice his presence due to his deep involvement in his literary works. Sishyas of Sri kandhadai Lakshmanachar, misunderstood that swami desikan deliberately ignored their Acharya. Some of them, deliberately pulled the legs of Swami desikan and disturbed him. Swami Desikan got irritated by that act, but had no clues of why they had done so. He was disturbed and was puzzled why that happened when he didnot trouble anyone. Finally, he decided to leave the place temporarily and shifted to Sathyakalam.

Meanwhile, Sri Kandhadai Lakshmanachar fell ill and was bed ridden completely. He was childless and the couple felt very sad about their situation. They were wondered whether they did any mistake in their lifetime towards any SriVaishnava(Bhagavada Abhacharam). As they couldnot find any mistake on themselves as such, his wife questioned him, “Why your health is detoriating? Did any of your sishyas commit any mistake or Bhagavada abhacharam?”


When they called upon all the sishyas and enquired, they found that his sishyas insulted Swami desikan for not revering their Guru. Sri Lakshmanachar couple got shocked about their misbehaviour, and rushed to the place where Swami Desikan lived in Sathyakalam. He revered to Swami Desikan and apologised for the mistake of his Sishyas, and requested him to shower blessings on him, to get cured from his illness. Swami Desikan magnanimously apologised and blessed him. Later, Sri Lakmanachar received and drank the Sripadha Theertham(water used to clean the feet of Acharyas, which is considered as holy water). Shortly, His illness got cured and later, he was blessed with a boy child. This event is one of the event demonstrating Swami Desikan’s Vaibhavam…..

The Messages from this incident are:

  1. Bhagavadha Abharacharam -offending Bhagavadas is a great sin
  2. Bhagavadha Abhacharam cannot be tolerated by MahaVishnu
  3. One who does this sin, cannot escape from the consequences (sufferings)
  4. Seeking apologise sincerely can only relieve from their suffering
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