Nagaresu Kanchi-Sri Devarajaswami Perumal Koil : Part 7



(A Day with Varadan)

A Typical Day at Kanchi Sri Devaraja Perumal Koil Part-7

At Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal a typical day begins at about 6.00 a.m. Even before that devotees wait outside Tondaradipodi ,the corridor at the entrance after crossing the dwaja sthambam.At about 5.45a.m. a swami belonging to the Thathachariar lineage takes the silver kudam (water-pot) to the Anatha saras and washes it properly. Then he sets to fetch water for the day’s tirumanjanam. This water is brought from a well in swami Desikan temple in SriRangaraja veedhi.After drawing the water the swami puts it on his head and walks to the temple to the accompaniment of drums. He carries it to Sri Varadaraja Perumal sannidhi on the Hasthigiri Hillock. Vishvaroopam starts immediately afterwards and only a certain number of devotees are allowed. Women devotees can be seen making rice flour kolams at different spots and lighting deepams.Sri Devaraja Suprabatham can be heard on the streets surrounding the temple.

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After Vishvaroopam nitya aradhana(daily worship) takes place on the Malai(Hill) followed by offering of ‘Thaligai'(prasadam).Theertham and Srisathari is given.Then ‘Selvar’or ‘Baliberar’ is taken in a small pallaku(palanquin) and ‘Bali'(cooked rice) is offered at ‘Bali-peetam’ and other spots in Azhwar Praakaram.

Aradhana takes place at Perundevi Thayar sannidhi , followed by Nrisimha sannidhi aradhanai. After “Thaligai’ is offered at the temple ,’thaligai’ is taken to the accompaniment of drums to ‘Tiruvadi-koil’ at the end of ‘sannidhi Street’ and offered to Hanuman.

At about 10.00 a.m. the second puja takes place and goes by the name ‘Alankaram’. Kadambam(sambar rice with plenty vegetables) and Dadhiyannam(curd rice) are offered and distributed to devotees.

The temple closes between 12.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. Darsan begins at 4.00 p.m. At about 6.00 p.m. we have’sandhi-kottu’ or the playing of drums outside Swami Desikan sannidhi. After the musicians have played for about ten minutes Garlands for Perumal are taken to Malai(Hill). Evening puja takes place and the arulicheyal goshti offers divyaprabhandham. After this nivedanam of ‘dosai, vadai and sundal ‘ is done. After Theerthamand Srisathari prasadam distribution takes place.

At 7.00 p.m. Tiruaradhana (evening worship) takes place and the offerings for this worship is ‘Shuddha annam(plain cooked rice ) and dadhiannam(curd rice). Bali is offered again at Balipeetam and other spots by Selvar who is taken in pallaku.

At about 8.00 p.m. sayanautsavam takes place and the offering is warm milk spiced with almonds, cardamon, saffron etc.

 Photos & Video:  Sundararajan

Writeup: Vyjayanthi Rajan


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  1. Dear Srimathi Vyjayanthi Madam and Sri Sundararajan swami, Adiyen’s anantha kodi namaskarams.

    Wonderful rendition of the daily pujas conducted to Sri Perarulaalan & Perundevi.

    Praying to Dhivya Dhampathis to usher all who have contributed for this wonderful episodes, to be blessed with Sriman Narayana’s paripoorna krupai, may Sriman Narayana bless this Sri Hasthigiri Mahatmiyam in Anudinam to grow more and more informative to many Srivaishnava bhagavathas.


    Sri Ramanuja Daasan,


  2. Rajam Bhattar swami is a senior Bhattar at Varadaraja perumal koil. He was kind enough to take time off his busy schedule to give us this video. His family takes care of Ramanuja sannidhi which houses azhwars acharyas. Though it is not possible to present the involvement of ever so many Varadabhakthas,this a tribute to their loving services.

  3. Dear Rajan Couple,

    Again great service & contribution to Sri Vaishnava temples. Is it possible to visit one kothanda rama swamy temple in Thiruvarur dt. during its samprokshanam expected in April ? This small temple is under renovation. This village has no economic activity other than agriculture if at all river-full water comes in kaveri. Through this temple some eco.activity has to be started. Your service will be greatly appreciated.

    Please consider the request.

    regards sridhar

      • Dear Rajan Couple,

        Thanks for the reply.The date for samprokshnam is not yet fixed.

        While covering the samprokshanam of Kothandaramar swamy temple at Kunnur village, I have a few more wishes. Of course, everything depends on the time & energy available to both of you.
        The following is my wish list & programme requested:
        1. Start from srirangam previous afternoon & stay night at Mannargudi. Being summer, AC room will be booked
        2. Next day morning leave mannargudi by AC car & proceed to
        3. 0800-0900 Hrs Varadharaja perumal temple at Rayanallur 17 km east of mannargudi.
        4. Then 0900-1000Hrs to Vilakkudi Kasturiranga/ Rajagopalaswamy temple; relax in my brother in-law’s house at Vilakkudi.1 KM from Rayanallur- This village is the birth place of Thiruthuraipoondi Andavan (before PeriandavanA.D.1750 around).
        5. Samprokshanam at Kunnur 4 km from vilakkudi 1100- 1700 Hrs.
        6. Relax at vilakkudi and leave for Mannargudi- night rest at mannargudi and then leave for srirangam.
        7. There are three more small varadharajar temples 8-15 km from my village- time & energy may not permit you to visit them.
        8. Your facilities I shall take care. Coverage of these temples and uploading to this site is requested.

        Please note that these are poor agricultural villages and agriculture failed for the past 3-5 years for want of river water.

        Please support.Please give your email ID & phone no.

        Bets regards
        sridhar Abudhabi

        • Swami
          First & foremost please accept our apologies for responding very late. Only today we saw your message. Our email id: and phone # 9952764613/9488242928. We are available from 11 am to 5 pm daily in this number (or before 7 AM and after 8 PM, as we attend kalashepams/upanyaams in between). Definitely we are interested in covering this event. Please tell me how many days (in total) our absence in Srirangam will be, as we are recording/live telecasting these kalashepams/upanyasams on daily basis – both morning and evening. We have to plan and make arrangements here during our absence. Hence this request.

        • Swami
          dasan. Though we saw your above comment late, we did reply. But some how it was not published, and one fine day disappeared from this space at all. I do not remember what exactly I wrote. Our email id is: and our phone number is: 9952764613/9488242928. We are interested in your above proposal, but we have some limitations. This we will explain to you thro email or phone.

  4. Actually the holy water will take it from Sala Kinaru(pradishta by Sri Ramanujar) for Kanchi Varadhar tirumanjanam, i am not sure about the holy water from a well in swami Desikan temple in SriRangaraja veedh

    • Please see the photo. Water is not brought from salai-kinaru these days due to the distance from the temple. In Ramanuja’s days there were no buildings and tar roads and people walked a lot in those days. However the sala kinaru is maintained properly and can be seen at Sevilimeedu.

  5. Adiyen dasi, swamin surreal experience about ‘nagaresu kanchi sereis’. Koti vandanam.
    Adiyen has a request too. Where can i find devaraja suprabatam on internet. Residing abroad adiyen does not have access to book stores in Tamilnadu. Please suggest any sources on internet.


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