Nagaresu Kanchi-Sri Devarajaswami Perumal Koil : Part 6



Nadathur ammal kalakshepa mandapam

After coming out of the lizard room we find ourselves in a corridor with a collonade of pillars. We have on the walls murals which have been restored recently by the ASI conservationists.This mandapam is the ‘Kachivayathan mandapam’ where Tirukacchi nambi used to offer fanning services to Varadaraja Perumal. It is more familiar as ‘Nadathur Ammal Mandapam’. On the ceiling we have a painting depicting Nadadur Ammal rendering kalakshepam to numerous shishyas. It was at this mandapam that five year old Venkatanatha got the kataksham of Nadadur Ammal who stopped his kalakshepam to admire the tejas of the divine child. He forgot at which point his kalakshepam got interuppted and was thrilled to hear the five year old tell the goshti where the acharyan had stopped. Nadadur ammal blessed the boy and predicted that he would be darshana sthapakar. This boy is the famous and revered Vedantha Desikan. In later years Adivan Sathakopan swami the founder of the illustrous Sri Ahobila Muth did kalakshepam at the feet of Ghatikachalam ammal.

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After this we descend the Atthigiri and get back to ‘malai -praakaram’ once again. At this juncture let us analyse the name Atthigiri or Hasthigiri. Atthigiri probably was in vogue because of the presence of atthi trees or fig trees or perhaps the original moolavar was ‘AtthiVaradar’. According to another version this was the home of Gajendran who was saved by Varadan so it came to be called Hasthigiri. Varadan is called ‘Atthiyuran’ Hasthisan, Devarajan, DevaPerumal, Perarulalan, Karisa and Varadaraja.

nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-121 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-122

Dhanvantri sannidhi

After coming down we see before us on a platform a sannidhi which can be reached by climbing a few steps. This houses the divya mangalavigrahams of Dhanvantri, in standing and sitting postures. Devotees make rice flour kolams and light lamps. Tirumanjanams take place at the request of devotees. Dhanvantri emerged out of the Ocean of Milk during ‘Samudhra manthanam’ and holds ‘amritha kalasam’ – a pot of nectar. Praying to Him relieves one of physical and mental ailments. As we walk along the same platform we find at the extreme end a sannidhi for Valampuri Vinayaka.


Malayala Nachiyar


As we descend down the platform we find ourselves before the sannidhi of Malayala Nachiyar. Malayala Nachiyar was a devotee from Kerala who gave her heart and soul to Varadan. She is in standing posture and Panguni Uthiram is dedicated to Her. Some aver that She is ‘Malai aalum nachiyar’ or the One who rules the Hill(Attigiri).

nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-125 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-126 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-127 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-128 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-129 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-130 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-131

With this our circumbulation of the malai praakaram is complete and we come out to Garudan sannidhi and turn left and then on the right and cross Thayar sannidhi to find ourselves in a mandapam where swinging ceremony takes place for Andal during Margazhi Neeraatal. Then we come out via Tondaradipodi corridor and go past swami Desikan sannidhi . We spot to our left the ‘patthu-kadai’ or the stall selling prasadams. Next we have on an elevation the ‘Vahana-Mandapam’ the place where the vahanams are kept. Then we have taps for washing hands and next to it the Vasantha Mandapam the venue of the Vasantha Utsavam. After coming out of the ‘Gopura vaasal’ we find ourselves on the famous ‘Sannidhi-Street’

nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-132 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-133 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-134 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-135 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-136

We spot a 16 pillared mandapam the spot where the second umbrella is hoisted up during utsavams. Special maryadhai accorded to some Tridandi sanyasis are done in this mandapam. At the end of the street is the famous ‘Tiruvadi-koil’ the temple for Anjaneya swami. This temple is where sannidhi-street purappadus culminate and during ‘Tirumbukaal’ (return) auliyacheyal goshti begins. In sum this is an attempt to describe ‘Perumal-koil’ to some extent. The second part will be a summary¬† and what happens from morning to night on regular days ,the utsavams celebrated and also an attempt to describe some important mandapams associated with Deva Perumal.

nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-137 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-138 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-139 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-140 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-141 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-142 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-143 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-144

Photos: Sundararajan

Write up: Vyjayanthi Rajan


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  1. Dear Srimathi Vyjayanthi madam and Sri Sundararajan sir,

    Excellent photographs of the mural paintings and the write up on the different sannidhis.
    I hope the ASI will put some kind of transparent cover like a big transparent plastic wall / glass wall to prevent further vandalism of these beautiful paintings.
    Some 4 years back, I went to Hasthigiri with my relatives and was pained to see the murals were in very bad shape. Thanks to REACH foundation and ASI, many of these paintings have now been restored.
    The placing of tiles ( the black ones in the Nadaththur Ammal mandapam and the green and white ones in the Dhanvantri sannidhi) are an eye sore.
    When ever some of these garbagrahams or main prakarams have these new age tiles put in them, sorry to say, but it gives the feel of a public toilet with tiles rather than the sanctity ( Saannithyam ) that its suppose to have due to the presence of the deities.
    Lets Pray to Sri Perundevi samedha Sri Perarulaala perumal that this important Divya Desam also gets the required face lift like how Srirangam had.

    Adiyen – Sri Ramanuja Daasan

  2. Excellent writeup. Keep do this kainkaryam of write up and enlighting to us about other temples like thiruvallur, Madurantakam, Navalpakkam, Uttamur,Villivalam, Thaiyar,Kudanthai, …etc at your conveniences.

    Very simple, easy language to read, full of knowledge and information.

    Great job.




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