09 June 2022, Subhakruth Varusha, Vaikasi maasa-26, Thursday;

The temple was built in AD 321 century. It is on top of the hill. Lord is Swayambhu with 16 bhujas, Sri Shodasa bhagu Ashtamukha ugra Narasimhar, sitting posture.

Sri Hanuman shrine is also located in the nearby place, Kondagattu. It is also known as Nandagiri kotla, Harihara kshetram. There are 60 steps to climb to reach the temple. A king named son of Srimukhan, who belongs to Satavahanas, during his victorious travel, got impressed by the beauty of the place and constructed Gagana Mandapam here.

Moolavar And Goddess Name: Sri Prasanna Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy

Sthala Vruksha: Vata Vruksha

Uniqueness And Significance Of Kshetram: The idol of the lord is 16 bhujas murthy

Year Of Construction: During AD 321 Century

Holy Places in And around Kshetram: Hanuman temple, Kondagattu

Temple Events: Bhrahmotsava is performed from chaitra purnima for 3 days

Darshan timings: morning: 8a.m to 12 noon; Evening: 5 p.m to 6 p.m

With The Other Deities Special Poojas: Hanuman, Sitarama mandiram

Location: It is located about 30 kms north  of Karim nagar. From Karimnagar via Kothapalli, Vedhira, Ramadugu, Kotla Narasimhapalli.

Railway Station: Gangadhara

Bus Station: Gangadhara

Address: Kolta Narasimhapalli post, Gangadhara mandal, Karimanagar district

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