Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 5

SrimushNam perumal with Sri and bhU devimAr
SrimushNam perumal with Sri and bhU devimAr
SrimushNam perumal with Sri and bhU devimAr


vedhastR^iNaavadhi vihaara parichchhadam. te
vishvaM charaacharatayaa vyatibhidya maanam. h.
amba tvadaashrita tayaa paripoShayantii
vishvaMbharasya dayitaa. asi tadeka naamaa. 5

This shlokam focuses on the sound nourishment (PariphOshaNam) provided by BhUmi Devi to the world consisting of the sentients and the insentients (charAcharam).


Oh Mother! The world is divided into two classes: Charam (Moving) and acharam (Stationary). You perform Your duties making use of objects of Your universe as play tools ranging from the mighty Brahma to the miniscule blade of grass. Since the universe and its beings are dependent on You, You protect them very well. Since You bear the burden of the universe (Viswam) like Your Lord (Viswambharan), You are saluted as Viswambhari. You have so many matches in the roopam, dayA and soundharyam with Your Lord; hence, Your Lord has great affection for You. This world is classifiable into two kinds: Jangamam and SthAvaram (charAcharatayA VyathibhidhyamAnam). These sentient and insentient objects are play things for You (tE charAcharam vihAra parichhadham). The whole world of moving and nonmoving entities depends very much on You (VEdha: thruNa avadhi viswam Thvath aaSrithaa). You protect all of these dependent objects of this world very well (Thvath AaSrithatayA Thvam paripOshayanthi). Your Lord is saluted as Viswambharan, since He carries this universe. You carry the same name (Viswambhari) and have same duties , when it comes to protecting this universe; hence You are very dear to Him as His consort (Viswambharasya tadhEka naamA dayithA asi).

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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