Adhikara Sangraham: sloka-34 to 36


06 February 2022, Plava varusha, Thai-24, Sunday ;



SrIman NaarAyaNan is the sole cause for the Universe and stands superior to all gods as SarvEswaran. He protects all of His creation. We who are different from insentients stand as His eternal servants. We pray for the boon of nithya kaimkaryam performed by Nithya Sooris in SrI Vaikuntam by banishing our ahankAra-mamakArams, by seeking the Lord alone as the upAyam (means) for gaining Moksha sukham. We hold on to our Lord’s sacred feet firmly and place the burden of protection and the fruit of protection at His holy feet to enjoy this eternal and joyous kaimkaryam to Him at His Supreme abode of SrI Vaikuntam. We have been initiated in to the Moola Manthram with its deep meanings by our AchAryAs and we recite it and reflect on its meanings for sathgathi.

The key passage in this Prabhandha Paasuram is: “uyirAy mayarmai theernthu, maRRu ohr vazhi inRi, adaikkalamAy payanthavan NaarAYaNan paadhangaL sErnthu nall manu Ohdinam”

MEANING: After removal of the ajn~nam about the Svaroopam of the JeevAthman/chEthanam (being different from the insentients/achEthanam), we hold on to the sacred feet of our Lord, SrIman NaarAyaNan alone as the unfailing means for our protection and recite His Moola manthram (nall manu) and meditate on its many rejuvenating meanings.



MEANING: SrIman NaarAyaNan united two separate passages of Kata Valli of Vedam and transformed it in to Dhvaya Manthram and blessed us with it as the loftiest gem among manthrAs. We are firm about the meaning of this manthram (as instructed by our AchAryAs) as being the performance of nithya Kaimkaryam to the Divine couple (dhivya Dampathis) at SrI Vaikuntham without the ahankAra-mamakArams after seeking our Lord’s holy feet as the sole means for our protection. We reflect on these meanings of dhvayam.

The key words of this paasuram are: “Ohdhum iraNDai isaitthu udhavum ThirumAl paadham iraNDUm saran yena paRRi, namm PankayatthAL NaaTanai naNNI, nalam thihazh nAttil adimai yellAm kOdhu il uNartthiyudan koLLumARu kuRitthanamE” “Odhum iraNDu, isaitthu udhavum ThirumAl” refers to the helpful Lord, who united the two Vaakyams from the Vedam and blessed us with the resulting dhvaya manthram out of His infinite compassion for us. “ThirumAl padham iraNDum saraN yena paRRi namm PankayatthAL NaaTanai NaNNInOm”: We approached the Lord of MahA Lakshmi and held on to His sacred feet as the sole upAyam for our protection from SamsAric afflictions and left the burden and fruits of that protection unto Him. We did this with a purpose: “nalam thihazh nAttil adimai yellAm kOthu il uNartthiyudan kuRitthanam” We recited the dhvaya manthram and reflected on  its profound meanings to be blessed with nithya kaimkaryam free of ahankAra mamakAra blemishes in the land of endless bliss, His supreme abode.



MEANING: With a determined mind and limitless compassion, Lord Krishna blessed us with His Charama slOkam to banish our sufferings as SamsAris, who do not have the capabilities and fitness to practise the difficult-to-observe upAyams like Bhakthi yOgam to gain Moksham. He blessed us the Charama slOkam with great care using Arjuna as an excuse. His firm intention has been to banish all the bundles of sins form those, who surrender unto His holy feet and request His protection. He assured His protection and asked us not to worry anymore after performing Prapatthi to Him. We as PrapannAs recite the charama slOkam, reflect on its deep meanings and have our ajn~Anam destroyed, sorrows banished and are free from any doubts about the phalan of protection assured by our Lord.

The key passage in this Paasuram is: “KuRippudan mEvum dharumangaL inRi akkOvalanAr aruL vAchahatthAl maruL aRRanamE” (Being unfit and powerless to observe the upAyams like Bhakthi yOgam that need enormous discipline and single mindedness, we chose the easy-to-practise upAyam revealed to us in His Charama slOkam, which was blessed to us by our Lord out of His firm grace and limitless dayA to destroy all of our past sins and those accumulated consciously or unknowingly during the post-prapatthi stage in our lives.

The 37th to the 40th Paasurams of AdhikAra Sangraham deal with the final three chapters (30 to 32) of Swamy Desikan’s magnum opus, SrImath Rahasya Thraya Saaram: AchArya KruthyAdhikAram, Sishya KruthyAdhikAram and NigamanAdhikAram.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri V. Sadagopachariar

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