Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 2

Bhumi Devi , the protectoress of the Universe
Bhumi Devi , the protectoress of the Universe
Bhumi Devi , the protectoress of the Universe

tvam. h vyaahR^itiH prathamataH praNavaH priyaste
saMvedayatyakhila mantra gaNastameva.
itthaM pratiita vibhavaam. h itareShvidaaniiM
stotuM yathaavadavane ka ivaarhati tvaam. h. . 2


Oh BhUmi PirAtti! The VyAhruthi in the front of Gaayathri Manthram defines You. The meaning of first letter of the VyAhruthi (BhU:) has You as its content and lakshaNam. The PraNavam before “BhU:” announces clearly Your dear Consort. All the Veda Manthrams instruct us about Your divine consort, Sriman NaarAyaNan. These Veda ManthrAs praise Him with the full awareness of Your unique vaibhavam. Thus, You have the glories of being eulogized by the eternal VedAs themselves. Who else has the fitness and qualifications to eulogize You, who is the object of Sthuthi by the VedAs in an appropriate manner? adiyEn of meager qualifications dare however to engage in attempts to eulogize You.

The key words of this shlokam are: “ittham pratheetha vibhavAm ThvAm YathAvath sthOthum Ka: iva arhathy?”. Swamy asks a rhetorical question and answers it himself. The question is: who indeed among us can venture to eulogize You of this much vaibhavam befittingly? The answer is a resounding one: No One can.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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