Mukunda Maala – Sloka 1





The appeal here is to Mukunda, who blesses one with the boons of enjoyment in this Earth and in Srivaikuntam. The appeal is:

“Srivallabheti—-Jagannivaasethi, Iti Pratipatam Aalipinam Maam Kuru.”

The appeal to Mukunda starts in the traditional manner with the salutation first to Sri Devi. In our tradition, Sri Devi as Pum Pradhaneswari is saluted first before saluting the Lord. As Pum Pradhaneswari, She is the ruler of the individual souls, Prakriti and the Ruler Himself. That is why one of the Sahasra Naamam salutes Him as “Sree-Vibhaavanah:” This Naamam implies that He owes His greatness mainly to Sri Devi . Following this tradition, Kulasekhara salutes the Lord as SRIVALLABHA:

He then follows that salutation and appeal by describing the Lord as Varada, Dayaapara, Bhaktha Priya, Bavalundanagovidha, Naagasayana and Jagannivasa.

His appeal is to the Krupa of the Lord of Sri Devi to bless him to recite the Lord’s names always. Kulasekhara recognizes and describes his Lord first as Srivallabhan and hints at the His Nitya Sri Nature due to which He is forever united with Sri Devi. That association makes him “Srimathaam Vara:” or the foremost among the opulent in all worlds.

His  opulence  resulting  from  his  association  with  Sri  Devi  makes  Him  the granter of all kinds of Boons. Thus, He becomes Varada or Sarvaabheeshta Varada. He bestows the required boons on Gods and Bhakthas and gets thus the name of Varada.

The third name by which Kulasekhara recognizes the Lord is Dayaaparan, the all merciful Lord, who runs to rescue His devotees in trouble. Therefore, He gets the fourth name, which is Bhaktha Priyan. The fifth name selected by Kulasekhara in his appeal is Bavalundanagovidhan. Bhavam is the Samsaaram and its ills. Lundanam is stealing. Govidhan is one, who is capable of Lundanam of Bhavam. Hence, the Lord is saluted here as the one, who has the power to destroy the afflictions of Samsara.

The Sixth Naama is Naathan. He is the Supreme Lord of the Universe and therefore He is the Naathan. He is also Nagasayanan. Resting in the Milky Ocean on Adhi Seshan, he is engaged in Yoganidra. When the Devas and Rishis approach him there for help to overcome their sufferings , He incarnates into the appropriate Avathaaraas and re- establishes Dharma. The Naga Sayanan is also Jagannivaasan. He is Jagannivaasan for two reasons:

(1)  He  gives  a  home  for  the  Universes  in  His  stomach  during  the  Mahaa Pralayam and

(2) He is Sarva Vyaapi and therefore He is saluted as: “Antar Bahisccha Tath Sarvam Vyapya Naraayana: Sthitha: “

Kulasekhara salutes the Lord by the above EIGHT names and asks him not to save him from Uphaayatva Sankhaa through lapse into Svapravrutti and thereby end up with Svarupa Naasam.  He does not want to fall into the trap of delusion that it is he and his efforts (SVAPRAVRUTTI) that makes him recite the Lord’s names. That will lead to doubts about the means (UBHAAYATVA SANKHAA). Such a doubt can only lead to loss of identity of the Jivan and calamity. Hence, Kulasekhara humbly requests the Lord to give him the power to recite His names and seeks His grace to undertake that mission.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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