Thiruppallaandu – 12

VillipputhUr Vishnuchitthar
VillipputhUr Vishnuchitthar


Sri RangarAmAnuja Muni describes AzhwAr’s MangaLAsAsanam this way:

“Paavana-tamam ParamEshtinam Saarnga naama dhanur-dharam, Swaaminam, SrInavya dhanva puravAsinA SrI VishNuchitthEna ithyAdhi roopENa saanurAgam krutham kaimakrya roopam yEnam MangaLAsAsana Prabhandham asmAkam sameecheenOyam vathsara ithi”.

AnusandhAnA: anushtithOpaayascchEth prapatthim anushtAya, anushithOpaayaasccha bhOgyathayA yaavath sarIreea paatham dhvayam anusandhatha: dEhapAthAnanatharam cha ParamAthmAnam paravruthyAvastithaa:SarvAn kaalAn (PallANDu) gaaTAm anusandheeran, Jithantha ithivath, “yEthath SaamagAyannAstE”ithi hi SrUyathE”.

Here AzhwAr describes the effect of such MangaLAsAsanam and the fruits thereof. The Lord who is being hailed with long life, is by nature Parisuddhan and eternal; He is established in His divine abode and handles effectively the powerful bow known as Saarngam. This PallANDu prabhandham was composed by PeriyAzhwAr of Pandyan Kingdom’s city SrI VilliputthUr with prEmai and, originated in the form of Service to Him (Bhagavath Kaimkarya Roopam). Those who recite this PallANDu state that it is their BhAgyam. Those reciting PallANDu prabhandham will be blessed if they have not completed their Prapatthi anushtAnam with soubhAgyams on this earth. Those reciters, who have observed Prapatthi will have special phalans. They will spend their days here with parama BhOgya chinthai and at the end of their life on earth will join the eternally liberated souls in Sri Vaikuntam as MukthAs and will sing PallANDu to the Lord at Parama Padham and perform MangaLAsAsanam like “Jitham tE” and “yEthath SaamagAyannAstE” as stated by the Upanishads.



After describing the modes of Jn~Anis, KaivalyArthees and IswaryArthees joining Azhwar’s ghOshTi to sing PallANDu AzhwAr describes the PrabhAvam (Glories) of singing ThiruppallANDu to the Lord for the benefit of Bhagvath anAsraya SamsAris (those struggling in the ocean of SamsAram and do not think of the Lord as their Protector). AzhwAr reminds them that the Lord is Svatha: Parisuddhan (Intrinsically Pure & sacred) and as the Ubhaya VibhUthi Naathan with permanent residence in Sri Vaikuntam. AzhwAr advises them to seek the Lord since He is BhOgya BhOgOpakaraNa BhOga SthAna Samruddhan (He is the abode of all enjoyable vasthus and Tatthvams, the upAyams to those BhOgams and the abode to enjoy them). AzhwAr is VishNu Chittar, who has the Lord always on his chittham (mind). This PallANDu to the Lord was created by the AzhwAr for the upliftment of the word (Loka UjjeevanArTam).

“NallANDenRu NavinRuraippAr”: The day of reciting PallANDu is NallANDu (Subha dinam, Subha Varsham). Naviluvathu is to chant without interruption after conquering ahamkAram and MamakArams. PallANDu stands for multiples of years (as long as Kaala Tathvam exists). To gain the Phalan of enjoying the Lord at the Parama Padham, where there is no interplay of Kaala Tathvam, one has to recite the PallANDU on this earth, where there is demarcation by time.


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