Sri Hayagriva Stothram – 19

SrIhayagrIva ArAdanam by ParakAlasvami at SathyagAlam Cauvery Bank
SrIhayagrIva ArAdanam by ParakAlasvami at SathyagAlam Cauvery Bank


Oh Lord HayagrIvA! It is not an easy task to be blessed with the bhAgyam of your paadhasEvanam (worship of Your sacred feet). One should have done austere tapas (penance) inpoorva janmams (previous births). When One worships Your sacred feet, One obtains the rarestof rare wealths (viz)., Moksha anugrham. Beyond that supreme purushArtham, one can also beblessed with other worldly bhOgams. Your sacred feet in this regard are like the ChinthAmaNirathnam, which is said to confer all the blessings that one seeks from it. Oh Lord HayagrIvA!Please bless me to have dhruva chinthanai (uninterrupted meditation) of Your holyPaadhAravindhams.

Swamy Desikan points out that the realization of Moksha siddhi is a result of“prAnghnirmithAnAm TapasAm vipAka:” (the fruit of austere tapas performed in previousbirths). This Moksha Siddhi is described by Swamy Desikan as “prathyagra nissrEyas” or awealth that was not attained hitherto and which is obtained from prapatthi at the lotus feet of the Lord. Swamy describes the rarest of the wealths that a human being can aspire for as“prathyagra-nissrEyas” and compares those boon giving pair of lotus feet to a rarechinthAmaNi rathnam of a special kind (Sampadha: sankalpa ChinthAmaNaya:)

Overcome by the thought of the power of those holy Thiruvadi, Swamy Desikan prays for thecontinous growth of bhakthi for those redeeming pavithra Padhams (mE praNAma: tavaPaadha padmE SamEdhiksheeran) to gain Moksha Siddhi. Swamy Desikan points out that thePraNAmams, which really stands for the complete Prapatthi at the Lord’s holy feet, willunquestionably secure Moksha Sukham (nissrEyas).

In the previous slOkam, Swamy Desikan referred to Maayaa, which hides (trOdhAnam) ofBhagavath Svaroopam. Swamy mentioned that to overcome the Maayaa, one needs Bhagavathanugraham. The question comes next : Is it Bhagavath sankalpam (niyAmakam/Command)that makes it possible or do we have to do some thing ? Yes, we have to take some initative. Weas erring chEtanams have to offer salutations / Prapatthi at His sacred feet and He will blessus thereafter. Those salutations have to grow further and further. Even those PraNAmams thatwe do is due to poorva janma sukrutham (Subhasya Poorvacharithai: krutham subhai: ). Theardor to cross the Mayaa and the deep loyalty in the Lord as the Saviour will bless us with thedesired phalan faster.

Sri D.Ramaswamy Iyengar recalls the Periya Thirumozhi passage (7.6.9) : “NaanudaittavatthAlThiruvadi adainthEn–” to remember that it is His blessings that gets us to His lotus feet.Regarding the Paadha kamalams serving as the ChinthAmani gem conferring iha-parasukhams (immai-maRumai sukhams), Sri D.Ramaswamy Iyengar recalls SwamyNammAzhwAr’s aruLiccheyal (ThiruvAimozhi: 3.9.9) :

“immaiyum saathitthu Vaanavar naaTTayum nee kaNDu koL yenRu Veedu tharum”


To be continued…


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