Doddacharyar Thirunakshatram At Sholinghur Perumal Temple


01 March 2022, Plava varusha, Masi-17, Tuesday;

On 27th February 2022, Sholinghur Doddacharyar thriunakshatram was celebrated on Masi Uthirada nakshatram in Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaswami temple at Sholinghur. Acharyar was felicitated by Perumal maalai and Sri Sadari.

Swami Mahanmiyam: Swami Doddacharyar, also known as Sri Srinivasa mahaguru, ia s Srivaishnava acharyar, who lived 450 years ago in 16th to 17th century. Swami Doddacharya was a disciple of Sri Mudhaliandan, who is the nephew of Sri Ramanujacharya. Like Ramanujacharya, Doddacharya took many steps to reform and maintain temple activities without losing religious fervour and to propagate Vishishtadvaitam in Chozhasimhapuram, now known as Sholinghur. He also performed miracles in holy places like Thiruchitrakoodam, Madurai, Azhagar koil, Kanchipuram, Tirupathi and many other places. Once, on the day of Garudasevai, due to ill health, Swami Doddacharyar could not come to Kanchipuram to have darshan of Perumal Garudasevai. He was saddened regarding this. Meanwhile, in Kanchipuram, when Purappadu started, Perumal vanished during purappadu and gave darshan to Doddacharyar on Garuda vahanam on the banks of thakkankulam pushkarani at sholinghur and came back to Kanchipuram. This is one such miracle happened during his period revealing his greatness.

Photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: Bhoothapuri Vaibhavam

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