122-Thirunakshatram Of Sri Madurantakam Swami Today

01 March 2022, Plava varusha, Masi-17, Tuesday;
Today, “Masi Avittam”, is the thirunakshatram of Sri Madurantakam VeeraRaghavaswami.
Sri Madurantakam swami as he is popularly known among Vishishtadvaita scholars, belongs to a distinguished and scholarly family known Tirumalai Echchambadi. Sri Madhurantakam swami was a pradhana sishyar of the great Garudapuram Swamigal, who hails from Echchambadi Achchan vamsam, who was one of the seventy four simhasanadhipathis appointed by Swami Ramanujacharyar himself to propagate Vishishtadvaita Philosophy. Echchambadi Achchan wasknown as Srinivasa Purohitha for the construction of champaka praakaram and Hema koopam at Tirumala, mantra pushpam, panchanka patanam at Tirumala daily. Such is the glory of the lineage of guru sishya paramparai in Echchambadi lineage.
Sri Madurantakam Veeraraghavaswami, was born in 28 February 1900, on Masi avittam. His father, Sri. T.E. Krishnamachari, was the first theerthakarar in Sri Kodandharamar Temple at Madurantakam. Madurantakam swami learnt Vedas and excelled in that in his native place. He also learnt 4000 divya prabhandam. He had also gainedknowledge of Nyaya sastram and learnt Sribhasyam, Geeta bhasyam, Srimad Rasyathraya Saram. Arayirampadi from Garudapuram Swamigal. He completed all these at the age of 20.
As a fully trained scholar, he became a professor in Rajah’s college and served for almost three decades, benefitting many students to inculcate deep knowledge in Nyaya, ubhaya vedantha and Mimamsa. After his retirement, swami shifted to Srirangam and settled down on the banks of Cauvery and ofcourse SriRanganathar. 
He could effortlessly recall scriptural sources to explain and convey the message supporting is argument. Recognising his sound knowledge on Vedanta, He became President of Ubhaya Vedantha Prachar Sabha at Srirangam, founded by tridandi jeer swami. Sri Madurantakam Swami was a regular contributor for journals like Nrisimha Priya, Ranganatha paduka,…..


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