Swami Desikan’s Abhidistavam: Sloka-24


24 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi -09, Friday ;


Oh Lord of Thiruvarangam! You are the abode of matchless kalyANa guNams. Among them, you choose the guNam named KaruNai mostly for helping the chEtanams. Hence you are recognized as KaruNai Kadal or the ocean of Mercy. Your Sriranga VimAnam has been celebrated by Law giver Manu and King MaandhAthA and has been worshipped by them. The enemies assembled here are more ferocious than the asurAs and are causing such hardships. We fear whether this great vimAnam of yours worshipped by sages and Kings will suffer from the heartless invading Muslim army that has laid siege to Srirangam. Periya PirAtti and BhUmi Devi will be praying to you for removal of our fears about protection for the legendary Sriranga KshEthram. Oh Ranga RaajA! Please put to use your karuNai once again and with your matchless power chase away these dangers and remove our fears.

(COMMENTS): Oh Lord with celebrated lofty guNams (Prakrushta GuNaka)! The invading army consists of fierce and heartless people, whose cruelty is worse than that of the asurAs. Being primitive marauders intent only on plundering the riches of your temple, they have no respect for Your VimAnam worshipped by great sages and kings. We are full of fear about the desecrations that would be caused to Your VimAnam and other parts of your temple. We are distraught. Knowing what we are going through, we are sure that MahA Lakshmi and BhUmi Devi will be appealing to you to intervene and use your apAra KaruNA guNam and invincible power to remove our fears and restore life back to where it was before the invasion. The heart of Swamy Desikan’s prayer is “Sva sakthyA svayam dharam prasamaya”. You do not need any help in destroying the bheethi we are experiencing. Please take the initiative and chase away the invaders and restore things at Srirangam to normalcy.

VIEWS OF OTHER COMMENTATORS: In the previous slOkam, Swamy Desikan suggested that Sudarsanar alone among the pentad of the Lord’s weapons would be sufficient to accomplish the task at hand of destroying the invaders. In this slOkam, Swamy Desikan suggests to the Lord to use His own radiant power to destroy the vandals and restore peace at Srirangam.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri.V. Sadagopachariar

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