Rapathu Utsavam At Srirangam: Day-8


21 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi -06, Tuesday ;

Rapathu utsavam commenced on 14 December 2021, on Vaikunta Ekadasi, and the utsavam was being celebrated in a very grand manner. Perumal comes in procession from Moolasthanam everyday, and reaches 1000 pillared mandapam, where alankaram, neivedhyam would be performed. Arayar Sevai was also performed in front of SriRanganathar and later in the night, reaches back to Moolasthanam.

Day-8, (21 December 2021) in the evening, Vedupari utsavam was performed in an enthusiastic manner. Perumal dressed up with Muthu pandian Kondai, with right hand holding sword, shield and arrow, left hand holding the rope tied to horse, mounted on Horse Vahanam, came in procession, and ran here and there in Kona Oyyali, moving fast, spinning around to catch hold of thirumangai azhwar. Kona Oyyali was performed wonderfully by the Sripada goshti.

Vedupari utsavam: kaliyan dressed up in king attire came and had a check and moved around Perumal and Sripada goshti whether they were awake or asleep. Lateron, a group of people belonging to thirumangai mannan group, came around Perumal along with long rods, fireballs, spear, knife, before stealing.

Kaliyan came along with his group of dacoit and ran away robbing NamPerumal’s Divya ornaments and other items. Namperumal and His security chased them, but returned empty handed. Temple accountant read the entire jewellery list of Namperumal to check what was robbed. The whole utsavam was performed in an enthusiastic manner by the Sripada goshti.

Photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: Sri Parthasarathy Govind

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