Andal’s Thiruppavai- In Margazhi


15 December 2021, Plava varusha, Karthikai -29, Wednesday,

For Devas, One year is considered to be one day. Margazhi month is believed to be early hours in a day for Devas(Brahmamuhurtham). Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says , “Maasanam Margasheershoham”-means He is margazhi month among all, such is the greatness of Margazhi. Sri Andal has sung 30 hymns -Thiruppavai, and attained Mahavishnu through Her true devotion and complete surrender. She is the only woman, who got the status of Azhwar. In Her Thiruppavai, importance of true and complete surrender to reach His lotus feet is explained wonderfully. Greatness of Him is described in a very elaborate manner and Her guidance for all the jeevathmas to reach Srivaikuntam is wonderfully explained in tamil words in Thiruppavai. Greatness of Sri Andal Nachiyar is explained in two thaniyans by Sri Parasara bhattar and Sri Uyyakondar.

Parasara Bhattar’s samarpanam of Sri Andal Thaniyan-

“நீளாதுங்க ஸ்தநகிரி தடீஸப்தமுத்போத்ய க்ருஷ்ணம்

பாரார்த்யம் ஸ்வம்ச்ருதி சதசைரஸ்ஸித்த மத்யாபயந்தீ –

ஸ்வோச்சிஷ்டாயாம் ஸ்ரஜிநிகளிதம் பலாத்க்ருத்புங்க்தே கோதாதஸ்யை நம்இதமிதம் பூயஏவாஸ்து பூய:”

Meaning: I worship, “Neeladevi’s incarnation-Sri Andal, who worships Sri krishna and in whose heart, Sri krishna resides, who bounded Him by her garland, who argued with Him to accept Her(jeevathmas) surrender “

Sri Uyyakondar’s samarpanam of thaniyan-

(ஸ்ரீ உய்யக்கொண்டார் அருளிச்செய்தது)

“அன்ன வயற்புதுவை ஆண்டாள் அரங்கற்குப்

பன்னு திருப்பாவைப் பல்பதியம்

இன்னிசையால் பாடிக்கொடுத்தாள் நற்பாமாலை

பூமாலை சூடிக் கொடுத்தாளைச் சொல்லு.

சூடிக் கொடுத்தாள் சுடர்க் கொடியே தொல்பாவை

பாடி அருளவல்ல பல்வளையாய

நாடி நீ வேங்கடவற்கு என்னை விதி என்ற இம்மாற்றம்

நாங்கடவா வண்ணமே நல்கு.”


Sri Andal was born in Srivilliputhur, a prosperous place, where many swans were found. She has sung wonderful hymns(Paamalai), and offered flower garlands to Sri Ranganathar(Poomaalai). He is advising his heart to praise such a glorious lady -“Andal”.

It is very important for every Vaishnavite to chant these thaniyans every day, not only in Margazhi month, but in all the days throughout the year.

Particularly, during Margazhi month, along with these thaniyans, one need to chant all the thirty hymns of thiruppavai. If not possible, atleast last two pasurams have to be sung.

Sri Andal Thiruvadigale Saranam

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