Swami Desikan’s Abhidistavam: Sloka-21


16 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi-01, Thursday;


Oh Lord of Thiruvarangam! You shine as the husband of Periya PirAtti, who is the Mother of the Universe. You are prompted by Her to protect the bhakthAs, who seek Your sacred feet for protection and to gain freedom from their fears. You shine further as the One with no hEya guNams (blemishes) and exist as a vast ocean of KalyANa guNams. Inspired by all these divine aspects of yours, we have laid the burden of our protection at your holy feet. There is yet one thing that You have to do now (i-e). To exercise your intrinsic power (svabhAvika adhikAram) every second by using the radiant Sudarsana chakram on your hand and all the other weapons that you adorn. It is not only at this dhivya dEsam of Thiruvarangam but also at other dhivya dEsams, where You are present in Your archA form, You must use Your abundant and unlimited powers to protect us by removing all the obstacles that confront us.

First Swamy Desikan salutes the Lord with addressing Him as “Sriya: PariBruDE (Bridegroom of Periya PirAtti), Sritha Jana samrakshaka (protector of aasritha janams) and sadhadhbhutha guNa udhadhi (Ocean of lofty and mysterious kalyANa guNams)”. Then Swamy Desikan reminds the Lord: “Thvayi ayam bhara: ithi samarpitha:”. The burden of our protection has been placed at Your feet according to Your Saasthrams. The word “ithi” is important here. The Bhara SamarpaNam has been done according to Sath SampradhAyam. Afterwards, there is nothing for us to do. You however have your work cut out. From now (atha: param), it is your duty every second to be wakeful to protect us. How do you discharge your obligatory responsibility as One, who has taken the vow of SaraNAgatha RakshaNam? For this purpose, please use the radiant Sudarsanam on Your hand as well as all other weapons You adorn and exercise Your sovereignty as Prapanna Jana rakshakan at Your Sriranga KshEthram (praTitha hEthibhir-hEthibhi: anupAdhikam Prabhuthvam RangadhAmE praTaya). At the same time, please do not forget the aasritha janams at your other dhivya dEsams, who are also experiencing fear over interruptions in nithya kaimkaryams to You (RangadhAmAdheeshu Prabhuthvam praTaya). Please protect adiyOngaL at every one of your abodes, where You are present in archA roopam!

Swamy Desikan’s SaraNAgathy to Lord Ranganatha is the topic of this slOkam.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan koil Sri.V. Sadagopacharaiar

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