Swami Desikan’s Abhidistavam: sloka-17



Oh Lord who relishes His residence at Srirangam! AdiyEn is one, who continuously accumulates my sins and adds them on and on. The so called pleasures of this world are really filled with sorrow. It is not easy for adiyEn to destroy them. AdiyEn has been caught in this web of my own sins and experience excruciating pain arising from my inability to enjoy You. You are the Lord of Lords (SarvEswaran). You are reputed as the owner of the vast wealth of Dayaa. It is You alone, who can take pity on adiyEn’s helplessness and extend Your compassion to protect me from all these vipareethams. No one can stand in Your way, if You decide to rescue me. You can justify Your act of rescuing adiyEn with the thought: this chetanam has considered me as his Master always and hence I am duty bound to protect him. This should be Your rationale for my rescue — states Swamy Desikan in this slOkam.

Swamy Desikan addresses the Lord as: “Dayaa Dhana! Jagath PathE! and Dayitha Ranga” here while asking for the Lord’s protection (Samraksha maam). Dayaa dhanan refers to Him having the abundant wealth of Compassion (Dayaa, anukampaa, KaruNai). The address of “Jagath PathE” refers to His Swamithvam or Lordship over all the Universe. “Dayitha Ranga” relates to His fondness to live in the middle of the island formed by the Cauvery river.

Swamy Desikan now introduces himself as a lowly one: “aham vrijina uttharan” (One filled with Paapams of every kind). Swamy says that these sins are interfering with his enjoyment of the Lord (Thvath anubhUthy vicchEdhanam) because these sins arising from the involvement with material pleasures (Vishaya vargatham) are sorrow producing (vishAdha- Bahulam) and difficult to conquer (dhurjayam) by oneself. All of these cause great fear in me (aham BhibhEmi). Please remember the meaning behind adiyEn’s statement that You are my Lord always (mayA niyatha NaaTavAn ithi Thvam arTApayan) and protect me well (Maam samraksha).

In this slOkam, Swamy Desikan reminds the Lord of his sins, grief and destitute state. He is despondent over separation form the Lord and the power of the mighty hoard of sins that he has accumulated. He beseeches the protection of his Lord (rightful owner). Swamy Desikan salutes the Lord of Srirangam in this slOkam as “Dayaa dhana, JagathpathE and Dayitha Ranga”. These three salutations stand for the Dayaavathvam (inimitable Compassion), Swamythvam (Lordship) and Soulabhyam (ease of access) of the Lord. The essence of the prayer housed in this slOkam is “Thvam Maam Raksha”.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri.V.Sadagopachariar

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