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Thirumoozhikulam Sree Lakshmanaperumal Temple is located in Thirumoozhikalam in Ernakulam district of Kerala.This Kshetram  is mentioned in Nalayira divya prabhandam sung by Nammalvar and Thirumangai Azhwar. Hence this kshetram is one of the 108 divya desam. This is one of 13 Malai Naatu Divya Desams located in Kerala.


1* It is believed that SriRama’s brother Lakshmana worshipped SriRama along with his brother Bharatha in this place. The temple is one of the four temples- Rama at Thriprayar, Bharathar at Irinjalakuda, Lakshmanar at Moozhikkulam and Shatrukhnar at Payammal(Part of Nalambalam Yatra). The temple is one of the few temples, where a traditional dance form called “Kuttiattam” is practiced.

During SriRama’s exile, Bharathar came to convince and take back Srirama to ayodhya. But Lakshmana was furious misunderstanding the intentions of Bharatha’s arrival. Soon Bharatha was proved innocent, when they both offered their prayers at Thirumoozhikkulam. The name Tirumoozhikalam is said to have originated from the phrase “tiru-mozhi-kalam”, on translation means, the site where sweet words were uttered.

2* As per another legend, Sage Harita was performing penance at this place. MahaVishnu was pleased by his devotion and appeared to him. The sage requested Vishnu to provide the way in which all men can proceed to Varnashrama Dharma, Vishnu uttered the sacred words, after which the place came to be known as Thirumoozhikalam. MahaVishnu gave some advice to Hareetha Maharshi to overcome the difficulties in Kali Yuga and these pieces of advice are called “Thiru Mozhi” meaning ‘Sacred Words’. Thereafter, this place was named as “Thirumozhi kalam” – kalam means place.

3* Another belief is that at the end of the Dwapara yuga, Dwaraka was swallowed by the sea and four idols of SriRama, Bharatha, Lakshmana and Shathrukhna which SriKrishna worshipped, were washed into the sea. Some fishermen subsequently caught these four idols near Triprayar and they were given to Vakkay Kaimal. Vakkay Kaimal, had a dream one night in which some mysterious person appeared before him and told him that four idols have been washed ashore that these idols are to be consecrated at certain places. They were duly installed in four temples as directed in the dream; Rama at Triprayar, Bharathar at Irinjalakuda, Lakshmanar at Moozhikkulam and Shatrukhnar at Payammal


The temple complex enclosed in a large area with picturesque surroundings, holds the main sanctum dedicated to Lakshmana Perumal. The sanctum sanctorum of the main shrine houses the idol of Mahavishnu.

About Temple:

Timings of Darshan:5:00a.m to 11 a.m and 5:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m

Main Deities: Sri Lakshmana Swamy:- Thiru Moozhi Kalathan(Kerala);Appan(Tamil); Sri Suktha nathaPerumal(Sanskrit);

Thayar: Sri Madhuraveni

Azhwar: Thirumangai azhwar-3 Pasurams; Nammazhwar- 11 Pasurams

Theertham:Perunkulam, Sanga theertham, Chittaru

Major festivals celebrated in the temple : Vaikunta Ekadasi and Thiruvonam

Annual Barahmotasavam: The main annual festival for ten days each year in the month of  April/May.

How to Reach: (25 km from Ernakulam)

Nearest railway stations :-  Aluva and Angamaly

Nearest airports:- Cochin International Airport, and Nedumbassery Airport.

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