Nimbachalam – the Tapobhoomi


23 November 2021, Plava Varusha, Karthikai-07, Tuesday;

Nimbachalam – the Tapobhoomi (the abode of Penance and Tapasya)

Nimbachalam or Limbadri Gutta is a hill shrine of Lord Narasimhaswami, located in Nizamabad district of Andhrapradesh. The temple has a golden Vimanam, and it is on the south side of Goutami river. It is believed that Lord Narasimha was pleased by the penance of Brahma and Prahlada, agreed to stay in the place of sacred hill.

Sri Narasimhaswami, with Sri Mahalakshmi on his left thigh, is accomplanied by Naranarayanan and Sri Hanuman, Garudazhwar, Sri Madhwacharyar. It is the second temple after Badrinath, where Naranarayanan is worshipped at one place. It is believed that, devas from heaven have taken the shapes of rocks and trees on the hillock to serve Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar.

The word Nimbachalam is the combination of two Sanskrit words “Nimba” and “Achalam”. “Nimba” literally means “Neem” tree and “Achalam” means “one that does not has movement or life i.e. a hill”. As it was covered by Neem trees it got this name.
Sthala Puranam:

Many stories are associated with this kshetram:

• At the time of Narasimhavatara, Shri Maha Laxmi could not stand in front of Shri Narasimhar because of his furious anger and fuming, raging, stormy roar of Nrusimha. She had to hide in the lotus (Kamalam) for few moments, due to fear, in the pushkarini (or temple pond) for which it is named as ‘Kamala pushkarini’.
• Prahlada in order to pacify Nrusimha performed tapasya over the hill, which was serene, and with perfect tranquility. Nrusimha Swamy was gratified with his meditation and accepted to stay back on the hill as per the wish of Prahlada.

• Ayodhya Anjaneya:- According to stalapurana, with the orders of ShriRama, Anjaneya meditates and with the command from Shri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy, he settles back at the foot of the hill on the bank of Chintamani Kunta (or) Chintamani Tataka.

• With the direction of Brahma, Yamadharma raja performed meditation at the hill and with the orders of Shri Brahma, Sri Narasimha Swamy stayed back in the form of ‘Bilwa Vruksham’ or ‘Pathri Vruksham’ because of which in this temple ‘pathri leaves’ are offered to Swamy, which is unique through out the world as nowhere pathri leaves are offered to Lord Vishnu.
• The two river goddesses ‘Chintamani’ and ‘Viraja’, with the order of Shri Maha Vishnu took the shape of lake and river respectively. Chintamani Lake is at the foot of the hill towards west. Viraja river flows seven kilo meters (7 Kms) away from the hill shrine. This river is 2 Kms away from Bheemgal towards south, flowing from east to west.
• Once when Bhrugu Maharshi visited Kailasam, he was stopped by Nandi at the entrance due to which Sage Bhrugu got enraged and cursed Nandi to become an animal for his misbehavior. Nandi, in turn approached Lord Shiva who has asked him to do penance at the bank of a lake situated in Bheemgal, which later on has come to known as ‘Nandi Tataka’
• After the end of Krishna Avatar, Yudhistira and Arjuna were in grief. Krishna appears in front of Yudhistira and said that he would be along with Arjuna (with “Amsha Bheda”) in the form of Naranarayana at Badrinath and Nimbachalam.

Utsavams of the Temple:

The Utsava swamy temple of Shri Laxmi Narasimha swamy is in the temple town of Bheemgal. It is in the old market place (Angadi Bazar). This procession diety is taken in Pallakku to the Hill temple at the time of Brahmotsavam. Jayanthyotsavam and Pushya saptahotsavam as well as Vasantothsavam are performed in this temple of Bheemgal only.(Utsava swamy Mandiram).
Every devotee who visits hill temple i.e Limbadri gutta, must visit and have darshan of utsava swamy temple also (in Bheemgal), without which the pilgrimage or holy trip is incomplete. There is a large Nandi outside Bhimgal on the way from hill temple to temple town, which is a monorock Nandi.

How to Reach:

Nimbachalam Temple Location Limabadri gutta (Nimbachala Kshethram) is a piligrim centre near Bheemgal towm, AndraPradesh, India. It is 53 Kms from Nizamabad city. Nizamabad is the 10th largest city, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located 171 kilometres (106 mi) north of state capital, Hyderabad.

Nimbachalam:- locally called as Limbadri Gutta is 5 Km away from the temple town Bheemgal. It is to the east of the temple town Bheemgal well connected with road. 

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