Abhidistavam-Sloka 7


30 October 2021, Plava varusha, Aippasi-13, Saturday;



Ramaa Dayitha = Oh Lord of MahA Lakshmi (RanganAyaki)!

RangabhUramaNa = Oh Supreme One, who relishes your residence at Srirangam!

KrishNa = Oh KaNNaa!

HarE = Oh Lord who chases away the Sins!

Thrivikrama = Oh Lord who measured the three worlds with your three steps!

JanArdhana = Oh Lord, who puts an end to the cycles of births and deaths in the Prakruthi MaNDalam!

Thriyuga NaaTa = Oh Master with six GuNams leading to your name of BhagavAn!

NaaraayaNa = Oh NaarAyaNa who performed manthrOpadEsam to Naran at BadrikAsramam.    

itheeva tE naamadhEyAni Ya: paDathy = When one recites such auspicious names of Yours like the above, of Yours like the above,

Tasya Yama vasyathA na = for him, there is no fear of being under the control of Yamadharma Raajan.

Naraka Paatha bheethi: kutha? = if that were to be so, whence arises the fear of falling in Narakam and experiencing sufferings there?


Oh Lord of Srirangam! You have many auspicious names such as RamA Dayithan, RangabhUramaNan, KrishNan, VishNu, Hari, Thrivikraman, JanArdhanan, Thriyuga NaaTan and NaarAyaNan”. These auspicious names on recitation produce MangaLams for Your bhakthAs. Those who recite such names of yours do not fall in the hands of Yama dharman. If that were to be so, then the possibility of landing in his Narakam does not arise.


This is a very important slOkam that should be recited everyday by us. This has been revealed by the Lord RanganAtha Himself to a srEshta AchArya (Srimath Poundarikapuram Andavan) that this slOkam has mantrams (BheejAksharams) pertaining to His form incorporated inside the slOkams. He revealed to Srimath Andavan in a dream that the recitation of this slOkam guarantees Supreme Bliss and removes fears about rebirth and Yama lOka vaasam

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri.V.Sadagopachariar

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