Abhidistavam: Sloka-8


31 October 2021, Plava varusha, Aippasi-14, Sunday;



RangabhUrasika = Oh Lord of Srirangam, who is enjoying Your residence at Srirangam

vasee ThvadhEka niyatha aasaya: = A bhagavathan with control over his indhriyams and living with a mind totally focused on You,

thridaSa vandhitha: = That bhAgavathan is revered even by dEvAs,

Yathra dEsE kadhAchidhapi vartathE = If he lives even for a limited time at one place,

Tadhkshatha tapOvanam = That place will becomes a fit place for performing tapas without interruption.

Tava sTirA RaajadhAnee cha = that place sanctified by association with the BhAgavathA will transform into a firm capitol for you (RanganAthA).

Sukhasya sukham aaspadham = that place will become an abode for the quintessence of Sukham.

Sucharithasya dhurgam mahath = that place blessed by its links to the BhAgavathA will become a great fort for PuNyams.


Oh Lord of Rangam! Even dEvAs prostrate before a chEtanan, who controls his indhriyams and fixes his mind totally on you. He is revered by them as a BhAgavathan. When that BhAgavathan resides at one place even for a short time, that place gets elevated to a grove of penance by sages without any vignams. That place becomes fit to serve as the capitol for your kingdom. The sukham that arises from living at this place far exceeds all other sukhams. This place becomes an invincible fortress for performing Bhagavath-BhAgavatha Kaimkaryam and to accumulate PuNyams. In the next slOkam, the role that the kalyAna guNAs of the Lord of Srirangam play in removing different kinds of fears of ours are discussed.


In the previous slOkam, the power of singing about the Lord’s names were covered. In this slOkam, the coverage is about the greatness of the places sanctified by the residence of Bhagavaan’s dear ones (BhaagavathAs). Swamy Desikan identifies such places, where BhaagavathA’s reside as “akshatha tapOvanam” (sacred penance grove, where there are no inauspiciousness). Such places are equivalent to BadrikAsramam (BadharikAsrama tulya tapOVanam). Swami Desikan states that such places blessed by the residence of the Lord’s servants are ideal to conduct a dhaarmic way of life free from normal tension that abound everywhere else. Such places are like formidable fortress to protect the dhaarmic way of life.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan koil Sri.V.Sadagopachariar

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