Brahmotsavam At Sri Godha Samedha Sri Rangamannar Sannidhi Bangalore- Day 5 to 7


17 October 2021, Plava Varusha, Purattasi-31, Sunday;

Brahmotsavam  was celebrated in grand manner at Sri Godha Samedha Sri Rangamannar Sannadhi of Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore. along with this celebration ,Swamy Desikan avatara utsavam also coincided.

11 october 2021 : Brahmotsavam Day-5 and Swamy Desikan avatara utsavam day-6.

Day-5,(11 October 2021) morning: Nachiyar Thirukolam. Perumal adorned beautifully in silk saree like Nachiyar gave darshan in Unjal Sevai.

Day-5, evening,Perumal decorated as Vennai thazi kannan gave darshan under Kalpa vruksham,which signifies that the devotees , whoever approaches and surrender to Him, can get whatever they prayed for.

12 october 2021 : Brahmotsavam Day-6 and Swamy Desikan avatara utsavam day-7.

Day-6,(12 October 2021) morning: Perumal was in the disguise of Sri Venugopalan with His consorts as Sri Bhama and Sri Rukmini thayar.

Day-6, Evening: Gaja Vahanam- Swamy was mounted on Gaja Vahanam blessing Swamy desikan during his thirunakshatra utsavam.

13 october 2021 : Brahmotsavam Day-7 and Swamy Desikan avatara utsavam day-8.

Day-7(13 october 2021) : Morning, Rathotsavam- Perumal adorned in Chariot with His consorts. Uthsava murthy came in procession inside the temple premises.

Day-7 evening, Alankara Thirumanjanam, in which things like honey, turmeric, sandalpowder, milk, curd, fruits, tender coconut were used for thirumanjanam and different vaieties of garlands decorated in every stage with deepa harathi, Kumbh aharathi, etc

Some of the photographs taken during the occasion are as follows:

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