Srirangam Sri Ranganayagi Thayar-Namperumal Serthi Sevai


On 30th March 2018 (Hevilambi Panguni Pooram/Uttiram), Panguni Uttiram (Day 9 of the Panguni Utsavam) was celebrated well. Sri Namperumal purappadu started at 6 a.m. around the Chithira & Uthra Veedhis. On the previous day, Perumal went to Uraiyur and had Serthi sevai with Sri Kamalavalli Nachiyar. Now He has to meet SriRanganayagi Thayar, but She acts as if She is angry at Him because of Uraiyur serthi sevai. Sri Ranganayagi Thayar who usually comes out to welcome Perumal turned Her face the other way, closed the door and Her devotees hurled  flower balls and fruits at Perumal. This is called “Mattayadi”. The utsavam is called Pranayakalaha utsavam.

The conversation between Perumal and Thayar is spoken by the Araiyar swamy on behalf of Perumal and Pandari swamy on behalf of Thayar. When NamPerumal seeks forgiveness and Thayar allows NamPerumal only because of Her respect for Nammazhwar. Then Garlands, turmeric, and Tilakam are exchanged for the DivyaDampathis. On 30th March at around 10 am, the DivyaDampathis had serthi Thirumanjanam and alankaram. Swami Ramanujar’s GadyaTrayam (Sriranga Gadyam, Vaikunta Gadyam and Saranagathi Gadyam) is read by the goshti and devotees, signifying the day on which the Jagadacharyam performed saranagathi to the DivyaDampathis. The serthi sevai for the DivyaDampathis took place until the next day morning (31st March,2018).

Then in the 31st morning, around 7 am Sri Ranganayagi Thayar had eluntharulal back to her sannidhi. Then Sri NamPerumal had purappadu on Thiruther in the four chithirai veedhi. This marked the 10th day of the Panguni utsavam. Several astikas participated in the Utsavam and had the blessings of DivyaDampathis.

Some of the photographs taken during the occasion are as follows:

Day 9 (March 30, 2018 – Mattayadi & Serthi Thirumanjanam)


Day 10 (March 31, 2018 – morning serthi and Thiruther)


Photo Courtesy : Sri Raghavan Nemili Vijayaraghavachari and Sri Subathra Parthasarathy

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