Beyond Vegetarian Cooking- Sattvic Recipes Book In English



Beyond vegetarian cooking- sattvic recipes book for daily cooking and festive occassions. You are what you eat. The Vedic scriptures divide food into three categories: sattvic – foods in the mode of goodness, rajasic – foods in the mode of passion, and tamasic – foods in the mode of ignorance. The Bhagavad-gita states that sattvic food is the purest, creating positive vibrations that promote happiness and satisfaction. This type of food, when offered to the lord, is called Prasadam. It is the perfection of all cooking, as it cleanses and revives the self and promotes spiritual progress. It satisfies the senses, captivates the mind and enriches the soul.

Beyond vegetarian cooking brings you sattvic recipes to lead healthy and happy lives, in harmony with the laws of Nature, in compassion with your fellow beings and with spiritually elevated consciousness.

Below are the contents of the book.

Beyond-Vegetarian-Cooking_00 Beyond-Vegetarian-Cooking_01 Beyond-Vegetarian-Cooking_02 Beyond-Vegetarian-Cooking_03

This book can be purchased from The price of the book is just Rs.100. Here is the direct link to shop this book

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