Gita Bhashya Book In English


Swami Ramanuja is one of the most important exponents of the Sri Vaishnavism, He was born in a Tamil Brahmin family in the village of sriperumbudur. His philosophical foundations for devotion were influential to the Bhakti movement. Gita Bhashya was one among the attributes of nine Sanskrit texts of Swami Ramanuja, Gita Bhashya was a review and commentary on the Bhagavad Gita. It must be born in mind that Swami Ramanuja did not actually “translate” the Gita but paraphrased it in simpler Sanskrit. Gita Bhashya is translated or interrupted by many authors in English as well as Tamil but an In-depth explanation and meanings of Gita is transcribed by Sri K.R. Krishnaswami.

This book is enclosed with full text(Transliteration) and meaning of Gita as well as condensed rendering of Bhashya’s in English. In this book the original Geethaa text is transcribed in English and alongside each sloka has its meaning. The book is being rendered possible by shortening the elaboration but keeping intact the interlinks like quotations from Upanishad, references to slokas in earlier chapters, as in the original bhashya. The author has included some key Sanskrit words and phrases from the Geethaa and also from bhashya for the purpose of highlighting the meaning as in the commentary. The book contains totally 18 chapters as well as references and the book run through 250 plus pages. This book could be purchased using the following link: Gita Bhashya

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