Thondaradipodi Azhwar Thirunakshatram At Kanchi Sri Devarajaswami Temple



Margazhi Kettai which corresponded with 7/1/2016 of the Gregorian calendar was celebrated  beautifully at Kanchi Varadarajaswami temple.  Varadan’s Saulabhyam is such that He descends the Atthigiri Hill during the Tirunakshatram of each azhwar and participates in the celebrations. At about 5.30 p.m. Varadan and His Consorts descended the golden steps of the Atthigiri Hills. Kaikaryaparas were busy preparing to offer all upacharams for The King of kings. His umbrella was kept ready and as He came down the steps in beautiful alankaram one kept looking at Him again and again drinking His Soundaryam.

He then proceeded in purappadu on Sannidhi Street stopping first at Swami Desikan sannidhi and then at Tiruvadi koil. Accompanied by Veda and Divya Prabhandha goshti the purappadu returned to the temple. He went along Azhwar Tiruchutru to Bhaghavadh Ramanuja Sannidhi. Tondaradipodiazhwar was waiting outside to receive Him.  Perumal’s garland was offered to Tondaradipodiazhwar as also His Srisathari. Divya Prabhandham chanting took place. The Veda parayana goshti moved between Perumal and Tondaradipodiazhwar and offered Vedic notes which are so dear to Perumal. Perumal and Tondaradipodiazhwar moved inside and thaligai was offered and distributed to everyone present.

After this Divya Prabhandham offering was done, Tiruaradhanai was done for Perumal. Maryadhai was given to Tondariadipodiazhwar and those who were present received Perumal Theertham and Srisathari. Perumal and His Consorts returned to Atthigiri Hills.

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_06 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_00 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_01 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_02 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_03 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_04 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_05 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_07 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_08 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_09 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_10 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_11 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_12 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_13 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_14 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_15 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_17 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_18 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_19 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_20 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_21 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_22 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_23 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_24 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_25 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_26 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_27 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_28 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_29 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_30 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_31 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_32 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_33 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_35 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_36 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_37 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_38 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_39 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_40 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_41 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_42

Courtesy: Sri Elangadu Ranganatha Chakravarthy, Write-up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan


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