Sthala Puranam: Adhi Thiruvarangam Ranganatha Perumal Temple



One of the oldest temples for Lord Ranganatha dating back to Kretha Yugam:

Adhi Thiruvarangam temple is located about 60kms South West of Villupuram on the banks of the  South Pennai river , an almost unknown and yet, one of the oldest temples for Lord Ranganatha. Here Lord Ranganatha is bigger than the Lord at Srirangam. This temple dates back to the first Yugam (Kretha Yugam) and the first Avathaaram (Matsya Avathaaram). Hence, this Kshetram is referred to as ‘Adhi’ Rangam. Lord Ranganatha is seen in  east facing sleeping posture and measures over 15feet, not seen in any other Divya Desam.

Historical reference:

Reference to this temple is found in Skaantha Puranam Uthara Kaandam – 301-306 athyayam under Uthara Ranga Mahatmiyam.

There are three stories that describe the significance of this temple.

1. The Devas, who lost the Vedic scriptures after being defeated by Asura Shomugan, approached Brahmma who in turn sought the help of Lord Narayana. Finding out the hide-out of the Asura under the sea, Lord Narayana took the form of Matsya and defeated the Asura and handed back the Vedic scriptures to Brahmma. It is believed that the Lord initiated the Vedic lessons to Brahmma in this Kshetram. One sees the Lord with his left thumb folded towards his fingers in a posture indicating this. Acceding to the prayers of the Devas, Lord Narayana is said to have directed his sculptor Vishwakarma to create an image of his similar to the one in Thiru Paarkadal.

2. In Kretha Yugam, a king by name Suratha Keerthi lived a prosperous life but he had one unfulfilled wish. He did not have a child. As suggested by Sage Narada, he came, with his wife, to the place where Lord Ranganatha was sleeping under Adhiseshan and undertook penance. Answering his prayers, he was blessed with four children.

3. Chandran, who showed love to only one of his 27 wives, was cursed by his other wives to lose his handsome looks. He came to Uthara Rangam, undertook penance in the temple tank to the South East of the temple and was liberated from his curse. Hence, the pushkarni here is called Chandran Pushkarani.


Lord in a South – North Sleeping Posture:

Lying in a sleeping posture from South to North, Lord Ranganatha has his head on the lap of Sri Devi-on his left, while his left leg is stretched towards Bhoo Devi seen at his feet. To his right is Garuda ever ready to be of service to the Lord.

Prarthana Sthalam:

This is a Prarthanasthalam for

  • Good Education (as the Lord initiated Brahmma with the Vedic lessons)
  • Progeny(as the Lord granted the wishes of the King who prayed here)

Temple Details:

Moolavar : Ranganatha in a sleeping posture facing the East
Goddess : Ranganayaki Thayar(separate sannidhi)

Temple Time : 6am-8pm (does not close for lunch)

Priest : Ranganatha Bhattar @ 94446 91885 or 04153 293677
S.Raja Bhattar @ 94429 83479

Address : Adhi Rangam, Via Kadambur
Sankarapuram Taluk
Villupuram Dtt. 605 802

Ranganatha Bhattar, who has been here for 15years,stays (and sleeps) at the temple. His commitment and devotion to the Lord is highly commendable. Vishwaroopam takes place at 6am every morning.

How to reach Adhi Thiruvarangam:

Chennai- Villupuram- 160kms
Villupuram – Thiru kovilur- 40kms (Frequent buses from 330am from Villupuram new bus stand)
Thiru Kovilur- Manalurpet – 15kms (Government and Private bus every half hour)
Manalurpet- Adhirangam-5kms (mini buses- local buses ply here every half hour-
One can reach the Northern banks of the temple and cross the Pennai river to reach the temple. There are also buses that reach the Southern side of the temple, in which case there will be no need for one to cross the river)
One can also take Chennai-Tindivanam-Tiruvannamalai- Manalurpet route (about 225kms)

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  1. Swamin,
    I had the luck to go to this temple recently when I had been to have the darshan if Ulagalanda perumal. Your link helped me to get the documentary details for record sake. Thanks. U may please let me have your contact number for further contacts rwg. Vadayuvar millanium programmes for trying to take part.
    Daasaanu Daasan – Prasad.


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