Sri Lakshminarayana Stotram: Sloka 1


Arasanipalai Swathi Homam and Thirumanjanam 2014--03

Sloka 1

satyavratakshetra-lalAmabhUto bAhAsarittIra virAjamAnaH|
makhiprakrshTohyaraSANipAlai nArAyaNo yatra vibhAti lakshmyA ||
sri lakshminarayana stotram 1

Meaning and Comments:

ArasANipAlai, a SrImat agrahAram, is on the banks of SeyyARu and has gained fame from all the yAgams performed there by great srautis/dIkshitAs known for their Vedic scholarship. This srotriya agrahAram is like the distinguished AbharaNam for the satyavrata Kshetram (Hastigiri). At this agrahAram, SrI LakshmI nArAyaNan blesses us with His auspicious sevai, where MahA LakshmI is found seated on His left thigh.

Satyavrata Kshetram is the mey virata mAnmiya kshetram, where Lord VaradarAja presides over the divya deSam with SrI Perumdevi tAyAr. In this satyavrata Kshetram, whatever vratam, yAga -yaj~nams are performed, they never fail to yield the phalans. At this kshetram, due to the anugraham of Lord VaradarAjan, all vratams undertaken in all the four yugams are fulfilled. Immediate and unfailing fruits are gained from the observance of any vratam at Tirukkacchi. Swamy Desikan blessed us with a Tamil SrI sUkti entitled “mey Virata mAnmiyam”. In this SrI sUkti, Swamy Desikan described Lord Varadan as the KaaLamEgham drenching us with the nectarine rain of compassion. Swamy Desikan salutes Lord VaradarAjan as “attigiri battar vinai tottaRa aRukkum aNi attigiri” vAsan.

SrI sevA Swamy describes ArasANipAlai as the “lalAmam” or the shining ornament on the forehead of satyavrata kshetram. This SrIgrAmam of ArasANipAlai is recognized as the tilakam as it were of Kaanci. bAhA sarit is the river SeyyARu that flows near by. Other villages like Injimedu, ThayyAr, and MukkUr are close by. Many great bhAgavatAs have lived at ArasANipAlai and enhanced its reputation as makhi bhUmi or the celebrated yaj~na bhUmi (makhi prakrshTa ArasANipAlai). Here SrIman nArAyaNan with MahA LakshmI blesses us with Their radiant sevai (nArAyaNo yatra vibhAti lakshmyA). BhagavAn is saluted as “bAhA sarit-tIra VirAjamAnan”.

In SrI LakshmI nArAyaNa hrdayam celebrates SrI LakshmInArAyaNa tattvam. This SrI sUkti has been translated by ArasANipAlai Gopala Desikan Swamy from its original Sanskrit version. This SrI sUkti is a must to read to understand the glories of SrI LakshmI nArAyaNa para brahmam. SrI LakshmInArAyaNan is Veda mUrti and He is worshipped through yAgams and yaj~nams prescribed by the Karma KaaNDa bhAgam of Vedams.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sadagopan

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