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Amidst the green pastures of Valangaiman near Kumbakonam in Tanjore district, Sri Madhuvana Ramar Koil is located. The puranic name of the temple is “Madhuvana Kshetram” due to the erstwhile presence of dense forests and honey bee colonies in the area.

Sthala Puranam

After locating Sita in Sri Lanka, Hanuman sought her blessings and returned to Bharatha desam. The place where Hanuman conveyed the good news to Sri Rama is Valangaiman. Buoyed by the news, the monkeys of Sugreeva’s army started consuming honey from the forest causing a great amount of damage. This news reached the local king GadhimugaRajan who was worried about the damage caused to the forest land. He meditated on Sri Rama and the monkeys were eventually controlled by Him. The king was extremely happy and requested Him to stay in Valangaiman and built a temple for Sri Rama. Along with Sri Rama, “Veenaagaana Anjaneyar (வீணாகான ஆஞ்சநேயர்)” blesses the devotees here.

Temple Structure

A three-level Rajagopuram surrounded by “Madhil Suvar” is located at the entrance. With Abhaya Mudrai in right hand, and His left hand on His thigh, Sri Madhuvana Ramar gives a darshan in a sitting posture.  To His left is Sita Devi, also in a sitting posture. She has Neelothbhava flower on Her right hand and Her left hand shows Varadha Mudrai. To His right, Sri Lakshmana with bow and arrows on His both shoulders gives us a darshan with Anjali Mudrai.

Next to the Garbha Graham, Artha Mandapam and Maha Mandapam are located. Sri Ramanujar is located in the Artha Mandapam. On the left side of Maha Mandapam, a “Navaneetha Krishnar” sannidhi is seen. In the next mandapam, “Veenaagaana Anjaneyar” sannidhi is located. With His right leg firmly placed on the ground and kneeling down on His left leg, a small veena in His right hand and a “Sappalakattai (சப்பளாக்கட்டை – a music instrument used during bhajans)” in His left hand, Hanuman gives a darshan to the devotees.

Copper Plate Inscription

A copper plate inscription dating back to Vijayanagara regime is found in the temple. It has details on lands allotted to the temple.


  • In 2010, Sri Rama and Sita Devi appeared in the dreams of the Koil Battar in Kalyana Utsava Kolam. Since then, Kalyanotsavam for Sri Rama and Sita Devi is celebrated during the months of Marghazhi and Thai. The next Kalyanotsavam for the Divine Couple falls on January 18 & 19, 2014.  Devotees facing delays in marriage or not having Issues are advised to pray to the Divine Couple at Valangaiman during Kalyanotsavam so that the obstacles are cleared. A lot of devotees have had their prayers answered after praying to the Divine Couple.
  • Hanumath Jayanthi is celebrated during the month of Marghazhi.

Contact Information

For more details please contact Mr. Srinivasan, Trustee, Sri Madhuvana Ramar Koil, Valangaiman at +91-99946-47193 / V. R. Sathyanarayanan at +91-98452-42532.

Credits: Tamil Article from: Vellimani, Dinamani – Dated: July 4, 2013

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  1. I understand my great grandfather’s samadhi is there near the temple. My Grand father who was a Head Master in Valangaman (Swaminatha Iyer) live in the lower Agraharam where the temple is located at its north end. There was another (Shiva) temple near the bus stop.Valangaman had produced many stalwarts including Rt Honorable Srinivasa Sastry whose lectures on Ramayana broadcasted by Air India was a great success. I hope someone will put the lectures on the internet. They were once broadcast by All India Radio when I was young.


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