Sri Parasurama Jayanthi At Srirangam Dasavathara Sannidhi


Vamana Jayanthi_Srirangam_00

Today December 20, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Margazhi Punarpoosam, there was Thirumanjanam for Sri Parasurama housed at Sri Dasavathara Sannidhi, Srirangam on account of Parasurama Jayanthi. Parasurama was the sixth incarnation of Sriman Narayana which is considered an Avesha Avatharam. He is the first Rama, the other two being Dasaratha Rama and BalaRama. Swami Desikan addresses Him as Rosha Rama. Parasu means axe and this was the weapon used to put an end to the Kshatriyas who had become transgressors from protectors. Swami Desikan in the 7th Slokam of Sri Dasavathara Stotram says that Parasurama angered by the killing of His father by Kshatriyas, attacked on them 21 times giving the earth as sacrificial fee. May the sage who pushed back the sea and stayed in that area, remove inauspiciousness from the entire universe starting from Brahma to the lowly worm.

With Dasaratha Rama breaking the Vishnu dhanush avatharam comes to an end but Parasurama is listed as a Chiranjeevi and Sukra dosham is removed by worshipping Him. Kerala is said to be Parasuramakshetram.

The daily Margazhi Satrumurai took place after which Sannidhi Satrumurai was recited. The gathering of devotees were blessed with Theertham, SriSathari and Venpongal prasadam.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

Vamana Jayanthi_Srirangam_00 Vamana Jayanthi_Srirangam_01 Vamana Jayanthi_Srirangam_02 Vamana Jayanthi_Srirangam_03 Vamana Jayanthi_Srirangam_04 Vamana Jayanthi_Srirangam_05 Vamana Jayanthi_Srirangam_06

HH 45th Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s Upcoming Brindavan

HH 45th Azhagiyasingar_00 HH 45th Azhagiyasingar_02 HH 45th Azhagiyasingar_05

Courtesy:  Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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