Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 32





patyur.h daxiNa paaNi pa~Nkaja puTe vinyasta paadaambujaa
vaamaM pannaga saarva bhauma sadR^ishaM parya~Nkayantii bhujam.h.
potra sparsha lasat.h kapola phalakaa phullaara vindexaNaa
saa me puShyatu ma~Ngalaan.h yanudinaM sarvaaNi sarvaM sahaa.. 32

This is the dhyAna shlokam for BhUmi PirAtti with a prayer for conferral of all MangaLams on the poet. It is a beautiful visualization of BhU VarAha PerumAn holding His dear consort affectionately in close embrace. The prayer is: “Saa mE pushyathu MangaLAni anudhinam sarvANi sarvamsahA”.


BhUmi PirAtti is seated on the shoulder of VarAha PerumAn and has Her sacred feet on the outstretched right hand of Her Lord (DakshiNa pANi pankaja puDE vinyastha paadhAmbhujA). The left hand of Her Lord appears big like AadhisEshan and BhUmi PirAtti uses that hand as a comfortable pillow for Her head (Pannaga sArvabhouma sadhrusam paryankayanthee bhujam). The right cheek of BhUmi Devi is in close contact with the left cheek of the Lord and that produces a blissful anubhavam for PirAtti that generates horripilations in Her ThirumEni. That AanandhAnubhavam makes the eyes of BhUmi PirAtti blossom like the lotus flower at dawn. May BhUmi PirAtti enjoying the closeness of Her Lord bless me always with sarva MangaLams!

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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