Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 31

Sri Parthasarathy with ubhaya naachchimaar
Sri Parthasarathy with ubhaya naachchimaar
Sri Parthasarathy with ubhaya naachchimaar



taapatrayiiM niravadhiM bhavatii dayaardraaH
saMsaara gharma janitaaM sapadi xipantaH.
maatar.h bhajantu madhuraamR^ita varSha maitriiM
maayaa varaaha dayite mayi te kaTaaxaaH.. 31

This shlokam is about Swamy Desikan’s prayer for BhUmi DEvi casting Her benevolent glances on him. The prayer is a moving one: “Matha:! MaayA VarAha DayithE! Mayi tE KaDAkshA:”


Oh Mother of the Universe! Oh Devi who is the consort of the MaayA VarAha PerumAn! This samsAric world is an unbearable welter of heat. The three tApams are born here and torture the chEtanams. For quenching that heat immediately, it is only your compassionate glances that are instantaneously effective. Therefore, adiyEn prays that those nectarine glances fall on me and destroy all the three kinds of taapams!

Praising the nectarine, compassionate glances of BhUmi Devi, Swamy says: “tE katAkshA: dayA AardhrA” (They are merciful and cool). They have the power to quench immediately the heat generated by the three kinds of taapams associated with the SamsAric summer heat (samsAra gharma janithAm niravadhim tApa thrayeem sapathy kshipantha: tE kaDAkshA:).

In the 21st shlokam of SrI Sthuthi, Swamy Desikan prays to MahA Lakshmi to protect him from the scorching heat of the taapa thrayam: “gharmE taapa thraya virachithE gaaDa taptham kshaNam maam, Aakinchanya glapitham anagai: AardhrEyaTA kaDakshai:”. Here also Swamy Desikan prayed for the KaDAkshams of Sri Devi to fall on him and rescue him from the tApa thrayams of AdhyAthmikam (Physical and mental diseases), Aadhibhoudhikam (sufferings caused by beast, bird, humans) and Aadhi dhaivikam (natural disasters).

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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