Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 25

Sri Bhu Devi, Neela devi sametha Sri Sthalasayana Swamy
Sri Bhu Devi sametha Sri Sthalasayana Swamy
Sri Bhu Devi sametha Sri Sthalasayana Swamy



saMchoditaa karuNayaa chaturaH pumarthaan.h
vyaatanvatii vividha mantra gaNopagiitaa.
saMchintyase vasumati sthira bhakti bandhaiH
antar.h bahishcha bahudhaa praNidhaana daxaiH.. 25

This shlokam describes how BhUmi PirAtti is held under the influence of the unalloyed devotion of Her BhakthAs. The key words of this shlokam are: “PraNidhAna dakshai: sTira bhakthi Bandhai: antha: Bahisccha BahudhA sanchinthyasE”. PraNidhAna daksham refers to the well developed skills of yEkAgra samAdhi (undisturbed, single minded dhyAnam). That dhyAnam is unshakable, firm (sTiram). It is bound by the ropes of Bhakthi (Bhakthi Bandhai: Bhaddham). These sages meditate on You both inside and outside (with inner eye and with sthUla chakshus).


Oh Bhumi PirAtti ! Your daya-filled heart propels you to grant any one of the chathurvidha PurushArTams (Dharma-ArTa -Kaama-Moksham) that Your BhakthAs desire. You reward them amply with all these goals of life. Veda Manthrams eulogize You for such anugrahams (BhU Sooktham). A fortunate few have disciplined their minds to have steady bhakthi (achanchala bhakthi) for You. These lucky ones do not just stop with experiencing You with their inner eyes. They expand their joyous anubhavam of You through worshipping Your ArchA form at the consecrated temples and through various Kaimkaryams to You there.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…


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