Sri Dasavathara Stothram (Kalki Avatharam) – 11




The key words in this slOkam are: “bhAvinyA daSayA Kalki iha bhavan na: bhava dhvamsAya kalpathAm” (May Kalki who will be taking a future avathAram be active in destroying our samsAric bonds, while He will be with us).


Kalki BhagavAn is going to incarnate as the son of the Brahmin by the name of VishNu Yasas with the purpose of destroying the agitations (anAchAram, Naastheekam) caused by terrors of the Kali Purushan. Kalki is going to ride on a white horse and with the sword in His hand is going to rid the world of all sinners and bring back the glories of Krutha Yugam when righteousness rules perfect. The sword in Kalki BhagavAn’s hand is going to destroy adharmam and facilitate the ascent of the superior Krutha dharma yugam. May this future avathAram of the Lord as Kalki BhagavAn cut asunder the bonds of ours to SamsAric sufferings!


So far, Swamy Desikan slauted the nine avathArams of the Lord that had taken place. The tenth avathAram of the Lord as Kalki, as the son of VishNuyasas from the city of SampaLam is yet to happen. When KaNNan completed His avathAram and ascended to Sri Vaikuntam, Kali yugam started. Since that time, the terror of Kali Purushan has increased and adharmam is on the ascent in an accelerated manner. AnAchAram, Naastheekyam, ill will to others and all other inauspicious guNams dominate. The number of sinners is on the increase. Great calamities are yet to happen at the end of Kali yugam. It is at that time Kalki BhagavAn is going to incarnate, ride on a white horse with sword in hand to destroy all sinners and reestablish the benevolent Krutha Yuga VarNAsrama dharmams again. Swamy Desikan prays for the blessings of Kalki BhagavAn to destroy our SamsAra Bhandhams.


1. the most ancient among the avathArams of the Lord is the VeLLai Parimukhar or Lord Hayagreevan. In Kalki avathAram, Kalki Bhagavan is riding on a while horse named Kalkam.
2. Kalki avathAram is to restore the dharmams, which had taken a powerful beating in Kali Yugam and bring them back to the ideal level of Krutha Yugam.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

to be continued…

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