Hamsa Sandesam Slokas 36 & 37

Sloka 36

Arrival of the Hamsam at Cozha desam


Oh Swan! You must have enjoyed toNDai nADu (jana padam), which is in between Andhra nADu and CoLa nADu. After crossing toNDai nADu, proceed directly to CoLa desam. You will see dark and dense greenish groves of areca nut trees (kramuka nivaha SyAmaLAN), which through their vastness almost make the whole Cola nADu look dark. The flocks of fish swimming against the floods of Cauvery (pratyutgacchat makara valanam) appear to slow down some what the speed of flow of the river. The floods of Cauvery branch out in various directions and enrich the land on both banks of the river without any discrimination (sahyajA: srota bhedhai: samvibhakta avakASan coLAn). May You arrive at this CoLa desam known for its wealth of water!

Sloka 37

Enjoying the young girls engaged in the sport of Dolai


Oh Hamsam! In the CoLa nADu that you are about to visit, the ladies with eyes as beautiful and soft as the lotus would smear all over their body fragrant turmeric paste containing other ingredients. After that cosmetic treatment, they will resemble in color, the evening sunset. They would be wearing the white flowers of areca nut on their dark hair. The combination of the white flowers on their dark tresses would remind one of the simultaneous presence of the moon against the dark background of the night. The speech of these confident and self-assured girls in the height of their youth (mada kalahi gira: ) would be delightful (bubbly) and not always clear. You will enjoy the sight of these beautiful girls sporting in their swings.


The some what reddish fragrant body lotions with their ingredients such as turmeric (surabhi rajanI sambhavai: angarAgai: ) is compared to the special red shown by the evening sunset (sandhyA rAgai: ). They have the long rows of flowers from the areca nut trees/ pAkku maram (kramuka pALikA) adorning their dark and long tresses (pALikA ApIDagarbhai: keSai: ). The combination of these black and white colors is captivating and enhances the beauty of these young CoLa desam girls.

English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan

Hamsa Sandesam 37
Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)

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