Mukunda Maala Sloka 28


Sri Satyanarayana perumal




In this verse, Sri KulaSEkharar wonders about the helplessness and inertia of human beings who do not take the initiative to seek SrIman-nArAyaNa’s blessings, which is there just for the asking. When HE looms before us as the emperor  of  all  the  universes,  KulaSEkhara  cannot  understand  why  humans chase after and worship insignificant entities strutting about in the shadow of the all powerful Lord.

“Are we human beings dumb (mUkA : ) and useless (varAkA : ) ones? Cannot we tell the difference between an emperor and a little landlord possessing a few square feet of land?’’, cries out our AcArya.

“How can we explain the obeisance by human beings to little chieftains, while the most merciful, all powerful Lord of the universe towers above them?” This is the wonder and dismay of SrI KulaSEkhara.

The Lord is the One Who can give the boon of residing beside Him in SrI- vaikuNTham. (Svasya padasya dAtari)

He is the PurushOttaman and is the Supreme God of all the three universes. (tri-jagatAm Eka adhipa:)

“nArAyaNE surE na: nAthE tishThati” – While our Lord stands in that towering manner, how come we search for a human being who is a lowly possessor of insignificant wealth, to pay our respects ? When the AzhvAr thinks of the little human, praised by other humans, SrI KulaSEkhara’s disgust overflows. The AzhvAr describes him as “katipaya-grAmESam”, “alpa-arthidam”, and “purusha adhamam”.

The AzhvAr concludes by stating,

“yam ka~ncit purusha adhamam naram sEvAyai mRgayAmahE! ahO vayam mUkA: varAkA:”

“It is a wonder that we forsake the Lord and choose a lowly human being as our object of adoration and service! We must indeed be dumb and stupid”, says SrI kulaSEkhara.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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