Mukunda Maala Sloka 21


Sriman Narayana




Meaning :

After the humble prayer seeking the Lord’d blessings for constant memory of His nectar-like feet, SrI KulaSEkharar surrenders to Him in abject humility and confesses that there is no other savior for him except the Lord reclining on Adi-SEshan at SrI-rangam. He requests the Lord to protect him. He cries out the many names of the Lord and begs for protection and concedes that he has no one to turn to. (mAm pAlaya tvam vinA param na jAnAmi)

When seeking protection, AzhvAr’s first thoughts turn to gOpAlan who protected the cows and calves on the plains of gOkulam. He thinks of that ocean of mercy (kRpA-jala-nidhi) who took care of the cows as a cowherd and seeks the same type of protection from Him. While thinking of the Ocean of Mercy, AzhvAr’s thoughts focus on the daughter of the Milky Ocean whom the Lord married. (sindu-kanyA-pati:)

The AzhvAr’s vast knowledge of purANa-s forms the basis of his next nAmArcanam-s like kamsAntaka and gajEndra-karuNA-pAriNa. He reflects on the celebrated deeds such as the destruction of kamsa and the rescue of the king of elephants from the mouth of the crocodile at a lotus pond. AzhvAr pays his respects to SrI kRshNa avtAram by exclaiming the Lord:

1.  as rAmAnuja (younger Brother of Bala-rAma),

2.  as gOpI-jana-nAtha and

3.  as the teacher of the three worlds (jagat-traya-guru) because of His blessings through the teachings enshrined in the bhagavad-gIta.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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