Mukunda Maala Sloka 14



Meaning :

In this verse, the AzhvAr describes the terrors that abound in the ocean of samsAra. He prays to Lord Ranganaatha to bless him with the boat of bhakti to ferry across the troubled waters of the ocean of samsAra. He  compares  the  whirlpools  and  crocodiles  of  the  ocean  to  the  joys  and sorrows caused by worldly attachments to wives, children and relatives. The AzhvAr addresses SrI Ranganaatha as “tri-dhAman” and “varada” in this Slokam. He calls the great boon giver (varadan) as “tri-dhAman” to remind us that He resides in the three abodes:

  • 1.  SrI-vaikUNTham
  • 2.  milky ocean, and
  • 3.  atop the tiru-venkaTam hills on the Earth.

He bases his choice of the name, “tri-dhAman” on the vedic passage, “ambasya- pArE bhuvanasya-madhyE nAkasya-pRshTE”. He again reminds us that sincere bhakti focused on the Lord will serve as the mighty ship to cross the terrifying ocean, populated by sea monsters, full of powerful waves of mOha, churned up by the wind of manmata:

“uddhUta mOha Urmi-mAlE samsArAkhyE mahati jaladhau majjatAm na: bhavata: pAdAmbhOjE bhakti nAvam prayaccha” .

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan


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