Vadarangam Ranganatha


Located 12kms West of Seerkazhi on the Eastern banks of Coloroon is the Ranganatha temple in Vada Rangam. Similar to Srirangam, this temple is located between two rivers – Coloroon and Rajan River. Also, there is a saivite temple in the same location (similar to Thiruvanai Koil). The temple was originally located right on the Coloroon banks but floods in 1924 washed away a major portion of the temple.
Hence, a new temple was constructed about 200yards off the place where the original temple was located. One now finds a Rama Sannidhi at the original location of the Ranganatha temple. A special feature of the location of this temple is that Coloroon runs in the North- South direction (one usually finds Coloroon in the East-West direction).

The story
This temple dates back several centuries as can be seen from the historical stories relating to this temple.
Asura Vikraman had become unstoppable after obtaining the powers to kill all Devas. Answering the prayers of the Devas, Lord Vishnu is believed to have come here and defeated him much to the delight of the Devas. As per the instruction of Vishnu, the Devas bathed at the Theertham here. Hence, this is said to be very sacred. Cauvery got liberated from Agastya’s curse and re-united with her husband Samudra Raja at this place. Hence, this is said to be a prarthana Sthalam for re-union of husband-wife. Another story goes that a Saurashtra king was liberated from a serious ailment after bathing in the sacred theertham here. Pleased with this, he donated land for Chariot Festival to be conducted in Vaikasi.
Legend has it Sage Vashista directed Vishwakarma to visit this place and design the temple architecture.

10day Brahmotsavam in Vaikasi
Maasi Utsavam
Vaikunta Ekadesi
Rama Navami

Quick Facts
Moolavar : Ranganatha in a Bala Sayanam Posture
Thaayar : Ranganayaki East Facing
Priest : Soundara Narayana Bhattar @ 97878 13235
Temple Time : 7am-12noon and 5pm-8pm

How to reach
From Seerkazhi, cross the railway line (Seerkazhi Station), new bye pass road and drive 12kms West to reach this temple.
Buses every ½ hour between Seerkazhi and Vadarangam (Bus No.A8)
(First bus at 5am)
Auto from Seerkazhi and back will cost about Rs.350/-.

 Thanks to: Sri Prabhu of prtraveller

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