Yathiraja Vimsathy – Slokas 1 and 2


 Swami Ramanuja



Meaning :

I salute the emperor of SanyAsis, Sri RamAnujA, who had great vAtsalyam for the lotus feet of NammAzhwAr and who chased away the blemishes of those, who took refuge at his feet. In this beautiful slokam, Manavaala Maamunigal connects the AchArya paramparai from Sri Ranganatha down to KuratthAzhwAn, the dear disciple of Sri RamAnujA. The sound effects of reciting this slokam are beautiful. The poetic skills in Sanskrit of Manavaala Maamunigal is abundantly clear.


Meaning :

I eulogize the emperor of SanyAsis, RamAnujA, who has chosen the lotus feet of Sri RangarAja as the seat of his permanent residence, just as a king swan would seek a beautiful lotus for its place of rest. I salute Sri RamAnujA, who is resting on the beautiful paadha kamalam of NammAzhwAr like a honey-sucking bee sitting on the fragrant lotus flower full of pollen and honey. I offer my homage to YathirAjA, who is like a Sun to the lotus-like faces of PeriyAzhwAr and Thirumangai AzhwAr, whose faces blossom forth at the sight of Sri RamAnujA. I bow before the BhashyakArar, who is the refuge for KurEsa (or who has KurEsa as his Thiruvadi).

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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