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Ramar temple at Ramnagar in Coimbatore is located near to the central bus stand in Gandhipuram, about five minutes walk from here. It is a very old temple and it dates back to the origin of this city as a tiny hamlet. The name signifies that this temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. Daily rituals like Upanyasam and various poojas are conducted with regular devotees visiting this temple for worship

Ram Nagar came into being in 1914 and the temple came into existence in 1933. Situated in Ramnagar, the Ramar temple is one of the holy places that attract devotees all year round. Completely dedicated to Lord Ram, the rituals and ceremonies are conducted by deep faith. It is a prominent center of religious discourses and discussions in the city.

The temple is the oldest in the region. A decision to build the temple was taken in 1927 and a 85 cent land was bought in 1928 and kumbabhishekam was performed in 1933. A 53-ft tall five-tier rajagopuram was constructed and scenes from Ramayana have been sculpted in the gopuram.

The Maha Kumbabhishekam of Sri Kothandaramaswamy Temple at Ram Nagar was performed on Feb. 18th 2012.

HH45th Azhagiyasingar of Ahobila Mutt had done mangalaasasanam at this temple.

The Ramar temple is a famous temple situated in Ramnagar closer to the Gandhipuram bus stand in Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu. Daily events as upanyasam and other poojas will take place in the temple during evening times. Also, some discussions on religious faith and spiritual belief will also take place in the temple during morning or evening hours. The temple is completely dedicated to the lord Rama and quite number of Rama disciples makes their visit to the temple. People will follow the mantras, while the time of their worship and the devotees will sound out “Hare Rama” mantras and thereby feel the real sense of divinity.

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  1. Please may I have the email I’d for contacting the temple management(Kodhandaramar Kovil, Ramnagar Coimbatore). I want to know about the three homams being performed and how much money to send for the same .


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