Thiruvahindirapuram Devanathan – Vijaya Varuda Brahmotsavam



Vijaya Varuda Brahmotsavam (2013) for Moovaraagiya Oruvan (DevaNaathan) was celebrated grandly at Thiruvahindirapuram, one among the 108 divya desams, near cudalur, recently. Some of the photos taken during the Brahmotsavam can be viewed below

Vasanthotsavam and Namazhwar Utsavam photos can be viewed from this link:

01_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 02_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 03_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 04_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 05_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 06_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 07_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 08_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 09_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 10_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_201312_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_201313_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 11_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 14_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 15_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 16_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 17_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 18_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 19_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 20_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 21_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 22_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 23_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013 24_Thiruvahindrapuram_Brahmotsavam_Vijaya_2013
Photos: Thanks to Sri Srivallabhan

Located about 5kms West of Cuddalore Town on the way to Panruti is the Deiva Naayagan Divya Desam in Thiru Vahindrapuram. The Utsavar Murthy at this temple is called Moovaraagiya Oruvan, said to be a manifestation of Vishnu, Brahmma and Shiva.
In centuries gone by, the location of this divya desam was identified as being 6 yojanas North of Kumbakonam, South of Kanchipuram and West of the Ocean.
Arjuna is said to have undertaken penance at this temple and hence this divya desam is said to date back to a time before the Mahabaratha. A few pieces from the Sanjeevani hill, carried by Anjaneya to Lanka, is said to have fallen on Oushada Giri ( the mountain here).

Deity : Deva Naayagan, East Facing Standing Posture
Goddess : Vaikunta Naayaki- Hemambhujavalli Thaayar
Utsavar : Moovaraagiya Oruvan(DevaNaathan)
Azhvaar : ThiruMangai Azhvaar- 10 Paasuram (1148-57)
Temple Timing: 630am-12noon and 4pm-930pm
Contact : 04142- 288999 or 287 277/ 94434 44778

How to reach the temple
Cuddalore is well connected by bus from all major towns and cities in Tamil Nadu.
One can reach ThiruVahindrapuram in about 4 hours by bus from Madras.
Daily Trains to Cuddalore on the Main Line from Madras. Chozhan Exp (Dep 820am), Nagore Exp ( Dep 11.15pm)
From Cuddalore, one can take a town bus ( route 16) to Ahinthai. From the bus stop(1/2 a km from the temple entrance), one may take an auto to reach the temple.

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