Thiruvarangam Erapathu Utsavam Days 5 and 6 (updated)


Yesterday was the fifth day of the Erapathu utsavam (also the 15th day of Vaikunta Ekadasi Utsavam). On this day, the Arayar Swamy explains the Aramuthey – pasuram, Thiruvaimozhi Indham Patthu Pasurams which is the complete description of  Sriranganathan’s beauty. His Thirumeni (Body),  His Alankaram, His Eyes, and his greatest gift to us, his Thiruvadi (Lotus Feet). As per the pasuram, today Sriranganatha is wearing the legendary Pandian Kondai, His Thirumudi. His Crown is encrusted with precious gems and rare stones mesmerizing all who look upon it. All the Kings of the Chera/Chola/Pandia dynasties and especially from Andhra, Sri Vijay Ranga Chokanathar  have donated numerous invaluable gems and gold and diamonds, to honor the King of Kings, The Supreme Divinity, Our NamPerumal, Sri Azhagiya Manavalan! Of special note, in the picture enclosed, you can see the green tarp overhead our Nam Perumal, this is because of the season, its chilly in the early morning in the streets of Sri Rangam.

If you look at the pictures enclosed, you can see his Abhya Hastam(His Blessing Right Hand). Vairamudee  Today is a specialty in that, this Divine Hand is adorned with the rare Kohinoor Diamonds, if you look closely you can see the Sri Chakra in the middle. There is a diamond pendant with a ruby encrusted in the middle that is hanging from His Abhya Hastam, when He goes on his Oyyara Nadai as explained yesterday, this pendant sways with His movements, these two eyes are not enough to gaze upon Him!

It is indeed a pleasure to write about our Azagiya manavalan. Festivities galore, its indeed a feast for our eyes to see our Aranganathan in the procession with the chant of “Sri Ranga” in the air and a benediction for the people in Srirangam. Even if we are not there at this moment, I am sure that if we close our eyes for a minute and imagine our Azagiya Azagiyamanavalan in the picture, every devotee would experience heaven. And today was no different in the grand experience, the difference being only in the variety of ways that the lord himself chooses shower happiness on us- his humble devotees!

In conclusion, let us all be blessed and may Sri Ranganatha’s presence always be in all our lives.

My eyes which saw Him, who has the form of a
moisture laden cloud, who has the mouth with
which He ate butter when born as a Yadava,
who stole my heart, who is the Lord of the
nithyasooris, who rests in Srirangam which
is an ornament to this world, who is nectar
to me, will not see anything else.

Day 6

On the 6th day of Erapathu utsavam at Sri Rangam, Arayar swamy’s vyakyanam is “Ulagam unda Peru vayaa Thruvaaimozhi Aram pathu pasurams..

While worshiping perumal at Sri Rangaam, one must keep in mind that Periya Perumal represent Sri Krishna Avataram and Namperumal represents Sri Rama avataram. The scar caused on Krishna’s waist when mother Yashoda tried to tie HIM up can still be seen on Periya perumal’s waist!! Lord Sri Ranganatha not only purify our hearts but also our sins will be absolved! On this day, Namperumal, as usual, goes to Iraapatthu Thirumamani Mandapam from HIS moolasthanam. My sincere prayer is that HIS beautiful Woiyyara Nadai, Kasturi thilakamum, on this blissful day at Srirangam, people are blessed to see our Namperumal and I request the readers to view the picture of our Azagiyamanavalan will bless us with the strength and courage so that success will always be with us. Now pleasant smell of the soil along Kaveri and everything that has any relation with Sri Ranganatha must always be with us. Our Azagiya Manavalan will be enjoying the cool and gentle breeze in this Mandapam.

Our Azhagiya Manavalan, starts the procession in the morning in Simhagadhi. HE does HIS routine rhythmic movement, like dancing to the tunes of arayar swamys’ recitals and their rythm. HE moves graciously yet majestically (as described before about HIS “Voiyyara Nadai”) and reaches Lord Ranganatha enjoysiAfter customary honours for the Srirangam Jeyer and the ‘stalasthars,’ our Nam Perumal makes His through the RajaMahendran Chutru, Kulasekaran Chutru before reaching the Vraja Nadhi mandapam where ‘Veda parayanam’ was recited. One of the million aspects that make Sri Rangam Booloka Vaikundam(Heaven on Earth) is this Vraja Nadhi Mandapam. Vraja means open and pure, Nadhi means River. When one puts the ear to the ground at this Vraja Nadhi Mandapam, one can hear the splashing of the waters of Cauvery river! This is a Deva Loka Mandapam(Heavenly Mandapam). It is through this Mandapam that Our Nam Perumal takes everyone throught the Sorga Vasal (Parama Padha Vasal)

The rituals at the Vraja Nadhi mandapam was completed and the ‘Paramapada Vasal’ was thrown open, allowing the procession to emerge through it. ‘Namperumal’ then reached the Thirumamani(Aayariam Kaal, or 1000 Pillars Mandapam), Asthana Mandapam, where “Arayar Sevai” was performed. All twelve Azhwars, will be at the Aayiram Kaal Mandapam where they will perform Mangala Sasanam, Tiruvaimozhi and all other Divya Prabandhams by Azhwars during this 20 day long celebration at Sri Rangam.

Almost 16th day utthsavam will over. After each day of Utsav, the way everything winds down is very peaceful and beautiful. In the cool evening hours of a Sri Rangam winter, our Azhagiya Manavalan, covered in his head by a Korra (A Musalin cloth, a transparent, fine, silk-like cloth) for warmth, makes His way to the Moolasthanam while in Veena Ekantham. This Veena Ekantham is, melodious, soft evening time Veena Music, which accompanies our Azhagiya Manavalan’s Oyyara Nadai back to the Moolasthanam…..

I pray to HIM sincerely to bless all HIS devotees and make the feeling of devotion for HIM grow much deeper and deeper. May Sri Rangan and Sri Ranga Nachiar’s divine grace be with us all, and bless us for the upcoming New Year!!

Write-up Courtesy: Sri Narasimha bhattar

Erapathu Utsavam Day 5

Erapathu Utsavam Day  6

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