Book Release: Two Books on the Epics by Sri Kuppuswami Iyengar


Sri Kuppuswamy Iyengar has  brought out  two books – one on each of the  epics – bringing out salient points therein in easily comprehensible Tamil. These two books have been published by him at his own expense with a view to share his thoughts with others particularly because most of  those who had known about the epics may not be able to read them in the orginal or comprehend them. Bhagawathas are requested to use this opportunity to own a copy.

A small introudction by Sri Ubaya Vedantha Vidwan -Malliyam Embar Rangachari Swami

Sri Ramayanam and Mahabharatham are too great epics of India, the former is very popular throughout the world. In India it saw versions in the regional languages and folklore. It has gone overseas too in different forms. Besides the Hindus even  Buddhists and Jains have their own version of Ramayana, On the other hand, Mahabharatha is less popular though an important part of it Srimad Bhagavadgitha has  now become world literature. Ramayana as a whole or in parts, like Sundarakandam, is  read daily by a significant section of pious Hindus with the belief that it would give wealth and prosperty by God’s grace. But Mahabharatha does not enjoy such a status. Only a very small portion of it or the stories therein are popular. More often there is a wrong notion that reading Mahabharatha would create an atmosphere of quarrel. Though there have been instances in the distant past of both these works being translated as a whole in Indian and other languages (e.g Van  Buitinen Project in USA more recently ) readers knowing Tamil but not Sanskrit had no access to recent exposures on the two epics. Having studied line by line the two epics his intention is to be of service to the reading public even in his ripe old age. It is recommended that Vaishnavites for whom these epics constitute the basis of their religion purchase copies of these books as a token of gratitude to the service rendered by the author simultaneously becoming more  knowledgeable about these epics.

Those interested can get in touch with the author through e-mail Srimad Ramayanam ( nine rasas, verbal portraits, similes) in Tamil is priced at Rs 200 per copy, Mahabharatham (with more than 30 topics of interest) in Tamil is priced at Rs 300 per copy.

Courtesy: Sri Padmanabhan NS




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