Thirupallandu Thodakka Utsavam at madurai



Thirupapallandu thodakka utsavam which is being celebrated annually to enact the incident of Sri Periyazhwar singing the Thiruppalandu.

This year it is going to be celebrated today, 13th december 2012 evening around 7 pm at Mengattupottal (near thangamayil jewellery in Nethaji nagar alias Dindigul road, just opposite to YMCA as jansi rani park). This is the place where Sri Periyaazhwar has sung the Thiruppallandu verses as mangalasasanam to Lord who appeared there on garudan.

Sri Periyaazhwar will be on Yanai Vahanam and Sri Vyuha SundaraRaja Perumal (from Koodal Azhagar Temple) on Garuda Vahanam. Then the archaka swami will read Pallandu puranam and then there will be gosthi.

All devotees are requested to attend the event and get unique anubhavam and blessings of Emperuman and Azhwar.

Courtesy:  Sri Sundara rajan Swamy, Madurai

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