Sri Desika Divya Sahasranaamam by Thirukkudandai Desikan – Vyakkyaanam by Navalpakkam Swami


Everyone of us know that our Swami Thoopul Vallal, Sarva Tantra Swatantrar, Vedantachar, Ghantaavathaaram, Nigamanta Maha Desikan has done enormous kaimkaryam to baghavad ramanuja darsanam and protected our siddhantam against other flawed siddhanthams with various granthams. Because of Swami our siddhantham is still surviving against all difficulties and even agnyaani’s like adiyen are in pursuit of Moksham/prapatti margam.

Be it puraanaas and/or Sri Kaliyan, prophesied swami’s thiruvavathaaram or Sri Nadadur Ammal who prophesied that this Mada kili will establish Vedanta in firm footing and demolish paashandi mathams. Swami was praised by all before, during and post His period.

Many Baaghavadhas during and post swami’s time heaped a lot of praise for Swami, which includes prominent advaithis as well. Starting from Pillai Ulagaasiriyar who praised “Or onnu dhaanae amaiyaadho”, Kumara Nainarachar, Brahma tantra swatantra jeeyar, PB Annan and other sishyaas of Nainarachar, Appaaya Deekishidhar, Bharathwaja Srinivasachar, Solasingapuram Doddacharyaar all praised on our swami and lived with swami through swami’s granthams and by remembering swami’s divyacharithram, His path et al.

While Srimad Adivan Satagopan built sannidhis for Swami in prominent divyakshetrams, The Munithrayam Sampradhaaya Pravarthakar Srimad Gopalaarya Mahadesikan fondly called Thirukkundai Desikan has built swami a kshetram through his granthams on swami. Esp. through his prominent work called Sri Desika Divya Sahasranaamam. This grantham contains 1008 verses, which explains the entire life history, swami’s avathaara mahatmiyam, swami’s granthams and other upakaarams did by Swami.

Thirukkudanthai Desikan has given the following in this grantham, hence one can learn both about swami desikan and his important granthams and swami’s upakaaram.

1. Swami’s divyaavathaaram
2. Tattva thrayams
3. Samskaarams to be known by a Vaishnavite (Panchasamskaaram, Oorthvapundram, Bagavadh nivethanam)
4. Prapathi margam and its importance
5. Vaishnava sadhaachaaram, anushtaanams
6. Rahasya thrayam and its meaning to be learnt under a Qualified Acharya
7. Azhwar’s arulicheyal and poorvacharyas sri shukthis incl swami’s stotra paadams
8. The granthas of swami that condemn other kudhursti matams are to be known in order to under the doshams in their interpretation and getting more visvaasam in our own matham.

In order to explain this Thirukkudanthai desikan has mentioned all the granthas of swami and few prominent works of has quoted a lot and they are,

Sathadhushani, Taatparya chandrika, Tattva Mukta Kalaapam, Nikshepa Rakshai, Saccharithra Rakshai, Paancharatra Raksha, Gadyatrayam, chatuslokii and stotra ratnam bashyam, Sankalpa Sooryodhayam, Srimad saaram. Apart from this, swami’s chillarai rahasyam, yadavadbhudayam are also mentioned in many places.
This is a very beautiful work and in fact we can mention it as a treasure for all vaishnavaas.

Our swami Sri U Ve Vipaschinmani Navalpakkam Dr. Vasudevan Thathachar avargal has written beautiful vyakkyaanam in tamil which runs for around 700 pages.

This book was published in the year 2002 and praised by all vidwans for the beauty and simplicity of language used to explain each and every sahasranaamam was not known to many in our sampradhaayam.

In fact adiyen could say that this book was not received the attention it should have deserved and didn’t reached the masses due to unawareness about this grantham.

This book is priced at Rs. 250 and it should be in the shelves of all the sri vaishnavaas.

Kindly spread this news and buy a copy of this Sri Shukthi and enjoy the kalyana gunas of Swami Desikan and His Granthas.

The book can be obtained from:

1. Sri Poundareegapuram Andavan Ashram – Sri Rangam and Chennai
2. Sri Nrusimha Priya Office – Mylapore, Chennai
3. Sri Dr. S. Parthasarathy, Besant Nagar, Chennai. Ph: 044- 2490 0327
4. Sri Dr. NK. Ramaswamy, Sri Rangam. Ph: 0431- 2434438
5. Sri Dr. N. Gopalachari, Mumbai. Ph: 022 -2409 4495 or 022-2409 5582.
6. Sri Dr. NS. Parthasarathy, T Nagar, Chennai. Ph: 044- 8280949.

For bagavathas in USA and Canada may contact Sri Veeravalli Raghunathan, Natha Yamuna Ramanuja Sabha at

Courtesy: Sri VS Pradip swami


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