Sri Gopala Vimsati – 14


Which (bold) artist drew this picture of this insatiable beauty known as Gopala in my heart? Who etched this embodiment of beauty wearing the charming peacock feathers in His hair? Which painter painted the picture of this beautiful youth in my heart, who is like the morning Sun to the lotus-like faces of the love-sick Gopis?


Some may question how Swamy Desikan could have seen the Para Brahmam in real, concrete form, when Upanishads are still chasing to see that form. Yes, one can not see with one’s own effort but if He chooses to appear on His own, no one can stop that (yaMEvaisha vruNuthE tEna labhya: tasyaisha AathmA vruNuthE tanUm svAm). The Upanishad declares here that He shows His whole form before one He chooses. Therefore, there is no contradiction in Swamy Desikan’s statement that he is seeing the Lord in his heart’s wall with His head adorned with lovely peacock feathers and other sukumAra roopa lakshaNams.

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