Sri Gopala Vimsati – 13


Even in His incarnation as Krishna/Gopala, Sri Devi is always united with Him. He has left her His chest region as her place of special residence and enjoyment. He has the eternal and youthful beauty that qualifies Him to play with her. We are powerless to describe His full beauty. The Gopis of Gokulam are thirsting to enjoy His beauty. I am blessed to have the vision of this beautiful youth everywhere and at all times.


The Lord responded to Swamy Desikan’s prayer and seated Himself with His devis on the heart lotus of His devotee. Swamy acknowledges that beautiful happening and says that he is looking at Him directly. Prathyaksha SamanAkAram has taken place and Swamy Desikan responds to that blissful anubhavam just as Thirumangai acknowledged before: “Kaavi pOl vaNNar Vanthu yenn kaNNuLLE thOnRinArE”.

Swamy Desikan declares that he sees the Aapiroopyam (Beautiful soundharyam) Lord with his eyes for all times to come (akhilAn avalOkayAMi kaalAn). His beauty is one that is sought after by the Gopis (abhilAsha Padham veaja anganAnAm). His beauty is not describable as this or that; it defies all descriptions (aabhilApa krama dhUram Aapiroopyam). It can not be conceptualized. This Lord, who has granted my wish, who has given His chest as the place of residence to SrI Devi, who has the eternal youth, who is the subject of the deepest love of Gopis and whose beauty can not be conceptualized is the One that adiyEn is seeing now.

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